Girl injured in Mexico, Mother illegally brings her across Border for medical help in U.S…

TEXAS – Rio Grande City agents encountered a Honduran mother and her two daughters after they illegally entered the United States. The mother immediately requested medical attention for her six-year-old daughter who sustained injuries in a vehicular accident while traveling in Mexico. Agents transported the girl to a local hospital and it was determined that she had a neck and femur fracture.

Yes. Her daughter was injured in Mexico, apparently very badly with a neck and femur fracture, but rather than immediately seeking help in Mexico for her daughter, she decided she wanted us to pay for her recovery instead. It is unclear what happened to the girl, whether she was hit by a car, she fell out of a car, or she was riding in a car during an accident, we don’t know, but what is clear is the mother decided to continue on their journey into the United States despite her daughter suffering fairly serious injuries.

Just think about that for a second…Tax paying American citizens, that can barely afford their own healthcare, must be stuck with the bill for millions of illegal aliens that have illegally crossed the Border and received medical attention in our country. Most of the time injured by their own extremely reckless behavior. One of the main problems is we do not have a wall in many of these areas and the illegal aliens can simply just walk across.


However, the worst part of the problem are the immigration laws that we currently have. Those laws encourage illegal aliens to enter our country illegally because simply setting a toe on U.S. soil will grant them all sorts of legal benefits and access to our medical system. Not only do these illegal aliens get great medical care, but the illegal alien children have a good chance of gaining access to the country.

We need to send these people back. Yes, the illegal alien children as well. Their home countries must be held responsible for them. They have no connection to America. They were brought here because we have tremendous wealth, no other reason. They want to take our jobs and take up our hospital beds. Taking over our homes and schools.

Entire communities, like Compton, have been taken over by illegal aliens. Thousands of black people forced from their homes, but you won’t hear the mainstream media talk about it because it wasn’t Trump supportin’ white people who did it, it was Democrat votin’ illegal aliens that are responsible for the sudden demographic shift.


When we have laws that promise to give illegal aliens “free”(tax-payer funded) healthcare and housing when they get here, of course that is going to make people do insane things like bring their injured daughter illegally across the Border. A little girl was suffering from a neck and femur injury and this insane mother didn’t seek out the nearest hospital or doctor, instead opting to illegally cross our border and make us pay for her daughter’s injury…that she sustained in another country!!! This is totally insane and it needs to stop.

Please support politicians that want to increase our border security, build the wall, and change the laws that incentivize dangerous journeys that are ultimately resulting in injuries and even deaths. We can no longer afford to be the stupid people who pay for the healthcare of careless foreigners that are ultimately entering our country to steal our jobs and our homes… I understand the sentimental reasons behind wanting to open your arms to these illegal aliens, but that mentality is misguided and dangerous.

There is a fair chance now this illegal alien goes on to receive a tax-payer funded college education where she learns from her Liberal professors how to hate the “racist” United States… Even though we help so many people, America still gets called evil and racist, it really isn’t worth it for us anymore. Not when we are trillions in debt. We need a sweeping change of immigration laws that make it much harder for these illegal aliens to gain access to our country and start holding Mexico responsible for them.


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