Los Angeles Man pleads guilty to hacking, obtaining nudes of female victims

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles man, and former NASA contractor, plead guilty yesterday to federal charges of hacking into email and social media accounts to obtain nude photographs of women and then threatening to publish the nude photos unless victims provided him with additional explicit pictures.

Richard Gregory Bauer, 28, a former contractor at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, pleaded guilty to three charges – stalking, computer hacking and aggravated identity theft.

In some cases, Bauer, using his true identity, contacted victims on Facebook and posed a series of questions, purportedly as part of a project he was working on for his “human societies class.” Some of the questions included typical questions used to reset online passwords, such as the name of your first pet or the city where your parents met.

Armed with that information, Bauer reset passwords to gain access to his victims’ online accounts, primarily cloud-based iPhone backups, from which he harvested photographs, videos and documents containing passwords for other accounts.

This is why women need to take extra precautions when they are interacting with people online who they might think of as friends or colleagues. If the questioning doesn’t make sense, don’t answer them. Don’t be afraid to be a “bitch” and to tell a guy that you don’t feel comfortable with such odd questions. It may seem like an innocent question, “What street did you grow up on?”, but that can lead to a person stealing your identity.

If you have children, please make sure they are using the internet responsibly even if it makes you seem like an overbearing parent. They need your protection more than ever before! Thank you.

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