Illegal alien kicks Border Agent in the head!


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agent struck in the head during skirmish with illegal alien.

Early this morning, agents encountered a group of illegal aliens near Brownsville, Texas. As the agents attempted to take the group into custody, one of the illegal aliens became combative and a struggle ensued. During the struggle, the illegal alien kicked the agent in the forehead, causing a laceration to his head. The agent received medical treatment at a local hospital.

These are the animals that Donald Trump was talking about, these are not people:

We don’t need them in our country and it has become more important than ever we need to focus on our Border Security as the illegal alien threat is growing, not shrinking. They are flooding into the country right now. Arizona Border Patrol have arrested over 1,300 illegal aliens in the past 6-weeks.

They know the door is shutting closed and it is becoming increasingly harder to claim asylum although the number of aliens claiming “credible fear” has increased substantially. They are still opting to cross the border illegally in huge numbers. The Border Agents believe Cartels and other nefarious organizations are behind the flood of illegals. I believe Soros funded groups also play a role. Either way, we need to get smart and build a border wall now!!

MS13, convicted rapists, murderers and drug dealers peppered among the women and children. The “unaccompanied minors” almost always gaining immediate access into the country even though they crossed illegally… So not only do we need better Border Security but we also need much stricter immigration laws.



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