Hordes of Illegal aliens pouring across U.S-Mexico Border in Arizona…


Over 1,300 Illegal Aliens were arrested illegally crossing ONE AREA OF THE U.S.-Mexico Border in Arizona within a 6 week period…Almost all family units and children.

Family units who might have previously presented themselves at ports of entry, are being shuttled by human smugglers into areas with limited infrastructure to illegally cross into Arizona. Multiple areas along the Yuma and Ajo corridors are being exploited by criminal organizations. According to Tucson & Yuma Sector Border Patrol reports.

We are currently being inundated with a swarm of illegal aliens. Someone *cough* Soros *cough* is behind this flood of invaders. However, there is also just a general sense of urgency to get into the country before President Trump shuts the floodgates and locks them out forever. And rightfully so.

“This is a humanitarian crisis that is impacting border security,”

“Criminal entities are lining their pockets while exploiting a vulnerable population, filling our stations and diverting our national security efforts.” -Yuma Sector Chief Anthony Porvaznik.

Sure, these illegal aliens might just be a bunch of women and children, but they are coming across in such huge numbers that Border Patrol are forced to divert critical resources that should be protecting the Homeland, searching for cartel or MS13, drug traffickers, rapists and murderers, not rescuing someone’s lice infested abuelita from a storm drain…

These illegal aliens are even bringing over diseases as well. In the Border Patrol’s report, you can see that at least some of the illegals had to be treated for “lice infestation” or “impetigo”…


And lice infestations can lead to a host of diseased including typhus outbreaks. Why bring up typhus? Because here in California we just had a typhus outbreak…


Consider that when the Border Patrol interviewed these illegal aliens they apprehended, at least some of them claimed they were trying to make their way to California… You see, it doesn’t matter where they cross the U.S.-Mexico Border, whether it is in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, or California, the goal once you cross is to make your way to a “Sanctuary City”. Cities like Los Angeles, that promise to give illegal aliens welfare when they arrive, are magnets for these 3rd world invaders.


We need to build a wall and stop these lice infested hordes of illegal aliens from pouring across the border now!! While people are definitely crossing the Border illegally in places like California, we actually do have a wall going up here and Trump has upped his effort on the California border with Mexico more than any other state

Southern Arizona in the Yuma and Tucson sectors are the biggest hotspots for illegal aliens right now because they are totally wide open for people to just walk across our border.

Come on America, let’s get Congress to build the wall now! You see how hard they work on getting Kavanaugh confirmed? Where is that energy for securing our borders!!


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