Christian university reinstates ban on LGBTQ relationships.

“We affirm God’s perfect will and design for humankind with the biblical understanding of the marriage covenant as between one man and one woman.” -APU Board of Trustees


Azusa, California – In the outer edges of Los Angeles County there is an Evangelical Christian college named Azusa Pacific University with roughly 10,000 students. A few weeks ago, the “Christ-first” college lifted its longtime ban on same-sex relationships on campus. However, after the Board of Trustees found out about the move, they overturned the decision and issued a very strong response:

“Dear APU Community,

Today, as a board, we reaffirm our responsibility to steward the Christ-centered mission of Azusa Pacific University. We commit the following to each member of the APU community and to all who share in the 2,000-year legacy of Christianity that forms our bedrock:

They are still allowing the LGBTQ group that advocated for the changes to meet on campus, but they specifically reaffirmed that they will not tolerate same-sex relationships on campus. Good on them for sticking to their beliefs. However, the LGBTQers were still triggered and took to the streets and “prayed over the campus”

I think the modern LGBTQ movement on the American college campus is way too prevalent and serves as a distraction from real education. It is incredibly rare to see a college talking about Christ and the Bible, let alone in Southern California. I think we need that in our world, especially here in Godless and Satanic California.

Liberal leaning media like the Los Angeles Times said the reinstatement of the ban was because the school was in debt…though I don’t know why that would fully affect the decision, and of course they cited anonymous sources… Are they implying that the school would have said no to their own Board of Trustee, simply to virtue signal over a few emotional students? No, not everyone is as crazy as the editorial board at the LA Times. I think the school did the right thing and it is refreshing to see such a thing in these “modern” times of ours where morality is almost totally gone in California.

It is sad that saying you believe love is between a man and a woman is somehow a hateful or bigoted statement to the Left. They truly live in an upside down world. I think the school did the right thing here, and it is not like they are giving the gay students electroshock therapy or anything, though they will still act as though they are being genocided. Which is untrue, of course. We are just upholding traditions and values that have been fundamental positives for our society. I dont know one Conservative that supports physically assaulting anyone based on sexual orientation…

So may God bless Azusa Pacific University and I hope everyone prays for them and sends them some love during this time because the Left is attacking them on Social Media.

Only 200 students out of about 10,000? They are the extreme minority, yet they scream and cry the most, demanding obscene amounts of change to daily routines so that you can accommodate this extreme minority and not offend them… I am glad someone finally said “No”.

Thank you, thank you for reading and have a great Sunday. God bless you.


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