Mexican woman arrested for posing as U.S. citizen…No criminal charges filed.


“A CBP officer’s primary mission is to protect our nation from people and goods that would do us harm, and we did exactly that with the interception of this imposter”

“We remain ever vigilant against the entry of travelers masquerading as others and we are determined to not let that happen at our Ports of Entry. Enforcing our immigration laws is just one way that CBP contributes to the safety and security of America.” 

-Casey Durst, CBP’s Director of the Baltimore Field Office.

PHILADELPHIA – Posing as someone else when attempting to enter the United States is a serious violation of U.S. immigration law that could result in criminal prosecution. After a thorough investigation criminal prosecution was ultimately not pursued in this case and the woman was ordered removed under administrative U.S. immigration law.

WHY WAS SHE LET GO?! SHE BELONGS IN PRISON! Damn it Philadelphia. You know, when I started reading this story I was very glad that we were able to arrest someone posing as a U.S. citizen because that is a truly horrible crime. When I read that they decided to let her go back to Mexico, I nearly fell out of my chair!

The woman, who arrived on a flight from Mexico City, Mexico, presented a U.S. passport belonging to a 16-year-old United States citizen girl to the inspecting CBP officer. The officer examined the passport and suspected the woman of being an impostor due to what he perceived as a facial mismatch to the passport photo. During a secondary examination, CBP officers confirmed the woman was an 18-year-old Mexican national.

This is exactly what Trump is talking about when he says we have broken immigration laws. I don’t even entirely fault the CBP officer for letting her go when they are surrounded by hostile entities in Sanctuary City Philly. They cannot expect to get any help from Law Enforcement and ICE is almost nowhere to be seen because the City Officials aren’t allowing ICE to properly operate in their city. Turning her over to the Philly PD could have ended with her released into the city and a court date to show up later in court. She most likely would have never showed up to court having gained access to the country. This is another reason why Sanctuary Cities need to be shut down NOW!

It is insane that we let this imposter go, she will try to come back through another entry point, using another passport. A thorough investigation must be done into where she obtained the U.S. passport.

I am entirely speculating here, but what if they didn’t actually send her back and just booked and pretended she boarded it? Letting her into Sanctuary City Philly. This is incredibly sketchy and a total mockery of our immigration laws. THE WOMAN WAS USING A PASSPORT THAT SHE KNEW DID NOT BELONG TO HER! SHE LIED TO A FEDERAL AGENT’S FACE! AND SHE SIMPLY GETS TO GO BACK HOME?!? OUTRAGEOUS!

Vote for more strict immigration politicians please, I cannot stress this enough. We desperately need to abolish Sanctuary Cities and deport all the illegal aliens in our country. We need to do something about this problem now before it is too late. Someone willing to break that many laws to gain access to our country will definitely break a few more to illegally vote for the Democrats that promise to give them legal status.

Millions of people are coming into the country everyday through the legal entry points, not all agents are diligent enough to detect an imposter. How many times do you think they just slip right through? They also have people on the inside that are sympathetic to their cause and helping them through, we must flush out the corrupt actors as well. Again, vote for new leadership that will correct the problem!!



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