Over 800 illegal aliens arrested crossing unprotected AZ Border…


In the past seven days, agents have arrested more than 800 Central Americans in the general area west of the Lukeville Port of Entry in Arizona. Early Tuesday morning, Border Patrol agents rescued 61 distressed aliens when the group of illegal aliens became overwhelmed by flood waters caused by Hurricane Rosa.

When Border Patrol are forced to divert critical resources to humanitarian rescue missions the Drug Cartels and Human Smugglers have a greater chance of getting their illicit cargo across the Border.

The group consisted of mostly families from Guatemala and Honduras ranging in age from 7 months to 66 years…This unremitting flood of illegal aliens is the true dangerous flood, not the waters from Hurricane Rosa. The water can be cleaned up a lot easier than getting these illegal aliens out of our country.

Notice how Mother Nature is doing more to keep illegals out of our country than the Democrats…

Soros funded groups like Amnesty International, The Mexican Government, and the Drug Cartels all have a vested interest in trying to get these illegal aliens across our Border. The Drug Cartels especially get very happy when they Border Patrol agents bogged down with rescuing all of these illegals that they are probably helping across the Border for that very reason.

Many of the illegal aliens are prepared to get arrested, they are all suddenly well educated in the Asylum Seeking process. The number of illegal aliens claiming “credible fear”(the legal term illegal aliens need to know about in order to gain access to the country) went from 1 in 100 to now 1 in 10.

They are specifically targeting the vulnerable areas of the Border. Areas like the rugged Rio Grande Valley and the area west of the Lukeville Port of Entry where these hundreds of illegals are crossing. Why are they crossing in this area? Because it is essentially wide open..



Google Maps

That is the view looking from Mexico into the United States, just west of the Lukeville Port of Entry…there is no real barrier to prevent anyone from walking across into the United States. Congress for some insane reason decided to only add anti-vehicle barrier there…

There is a sort of anti-personnel barrier, but it abruptly ends and it is incredibly flimsy and easily penetrated. It is also very expensive to maintain and repair. The Border Patrol have expressed their disdain at this barrier and wish to see it replaced immediately.

screen-16-32-0603-10-2018.pngContractor makes progress on new border wall in New Mexico_1534529967936.jpg_52215886_ver1.0_640_360

This is the insanity of our immigration laws and previous “attempts” by Congress to secure the Border. This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen and it is absolutely no surprise why we elected Trump, because we knew we needed someone who was forced to make a living in the private sector where crap like this would never fly. NO ONE in their right mind would ever pay for a barrier like this around their home…

Congress is either totally inept or complicit in the criminal behavior going on at the Border. Either way, this crap needs to end. I can’t blame these hundreds of illegal aliens for trying to come across the Border into this awesome country when we are basically leaving the gate wide open. If I leave my door wide open and someone comes into my house and takes my stuff, I can get mad at the thief, but I should be more upset at myself for leaving the door wide open…

Get smart America. Let’s vote for MAGA candidates and get Trump’s Wall built now!


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