DACA recipient arrested on meth smuggling charges…


A CBP agent inspects the inside of a gas tank for contraband…

SALTON CITY, California. – El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Highway 86 immigration checkpoint arrested a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient of Mexico suspected of smuggling methamphetamine hidden in the trunk of his vehicle Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred when a 22-year-old man approached the checkpoint in a grey Kia Optima. During an immigration inspection, agents referred the vehicle to secondary inspection for further investigation. In secondary, a Border Patrol canine detection team alerted to the vehicle and agents discovered 14 vacuum-sealed packages concealed inside of the vehicle’s trunk.

10-03-18 DACA Meth.png

The President has tried to handle the DACA fiasco, but the Democrats refuse to cooperate and insist the program was not a failure, but alas, it was a major failure. The program admitted into the country and gave quasi-legal status to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens…The Democrats claim these kids are angels, but they are actually little devils.

These DACA “kids”(many of them are adults) are raping, stealing, and murdering their way around the country with damn near impunity. If they get arrested, good chance they could end up in front of a Judicial Activist that decides to give the poor oppressed DACA another chance to go out and kill someone…

These DACA kids need to get the hell out of our country. We just gave taxpayer-funded college educations to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that absolutely HATE this country. If they took Social Justice Advocacy courses during their taxpayer funded time in college, good chance they learned to hate White people and were taught that America is an evil country. Indeed, the reason why they are here is to fundamentally alter our demographics and political landscape.

Imagine if one of these DACA kids ends up in office? Do you think they are going to be strict on illegal immigration? No, they are going to be overly sympathetic to it instead. They will see themselves in these illegal aliens and they will try to give them legal status. This is what Obama wanted, to change our country forever and to make it less American.

The fact that the Democrats rejected a pathway to citizenship for DACA because it prohibited them from bringing over millions of their relatives is the proof that Democrats don’t care about the DACA recipients and have lied about their good nature, this was all about bringing in a new generation of Democrat voters.

Thank God we have Trump and now we need to do everything we can to deport these DACAs and any pathway to citizenships must be severely limited and heavily restricted.


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