Illegal aliens BITING Border Patrol agents?


Texas – Assaults on Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol Agents continue at an alarming rate and the illegal aliens are becoming more desperate, dangerous, and feral as the backdoor into America is shutting closed.

Tuesday, McAllen agents encountered a particularly feral group of illegal aliens near Peñitas, Texas. As agents placed the illegal aliens under arrest, one exceptionally ravenous illegal alien bit an agent on the wrist in an attempt to escape.

The subject was subdued and taken into custody. The report doesn’t say how the agent subdued the peckish illegal alien, but hopefully there was a sharp wooden stick nearby that the Border Agent was able to grab and he went full Walking Dead on his ass…Of course that didn’t happen. Because even when our Border Patrol are being assaulted, they are less likely to use lethal force.

But the zombie-like nightmare wasn’t over. Head on over to Kingsville, TX, where agents working the checkpoint were attempting to arrest a subject on charges of smuggling. While being held, apparently very famished, the man became combative and proceeded to bite a Border Patrol agent on the arm..

Border Patrol is processing the subjects’ accordingly and their unclean zombie bodies have been cleansed…KIDDING!! The subjects are ALIVE and in custody, but yes two violent subjects bit Border Patrol agents in yet more attacks on our immigration enforcement agents. Assaults on Border Agents and ICE have reached critical levels according to a report by the Inspector General of Homeland Security.

We honestly need to start treating this horrible situation at our borders like an actual zombie invasion. I am talking razor-wire, electric fences, guard towers…We already have drones in place, it wouldn’t be that hard to mount a gun on it…KIDDING! Or am I? Do we have any spare AC-130 gunships in the area? KIDDING! Or am I?

Here is what I am not kidding about: Illegal aliens are invading our country in massive numbers…still 2 years after the election of Trump, border crossings are reaching critical levels.

It absolutely infuriates me when I have to read these stories of Border Patrol agents being assaulted. Literally bit on the arm or wrist by a rabid illegal alien! Someone who violated our Borders or was caught smuggling and they can’t just accept the punishment. Just think, those people were actually trying to gain access to our country.

Do you want to live next door to someone who would bite a Border Patrol agent? Someone who doesn’t even speak English or care for our great country?

I know I sure as hell am tired of living next door to these unassimilated and often violent illegals!! Please send Trump more help in Congress and vote for politicians that want Border Security and a wall. We need to secure this country NOW!

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