ICE arrests 150 Illegal Aliens in Los Angeles-area


“The state laws preventing ICE from working in the jails is significantly impacting public safety by letting serious repeat offenders back out onto our streets”

LOS ANGELES – The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement has arrested 150 illegal aliens in the Los Angeles area. At least 40% of those illegal aliens that were arrested had been released by liberal activist judges in the area, ignoring ICE requests to keep the person in custody until they can be processed by immigration agents.

90% of the 150 illegal aliens that were arrested have previous criminal convictions. This statistic actually doesn’t mean much to me because I personally believe if the only thing an illegal alien has done wrong was enter the country illegally, they should still be deported. This statistic only highlights the fact that illegal aliens do indeed commit additional crimes after illegal entry into the country.

Whether or not they committed additional crimes after entering the country is irrelevant to me. That statistic is there for bleeding heart liberals who believe that the act of violating our borders is not a deportable offense, and we are forced to show them how the illegal aliens are indeed guilty of lying, cheating, stealing, raping, and murdering American citizens or other illegal aliens. If we did a better job at preventing the illegals from entering the country to begin with, thousands of lives would be saved.

The arrestees (138 men and 12 women) included nationals from 12 countries:

  • Argentina (1)
  • Armenia (1)
  • Belize (2)
  • Canada (1)
  • El Salvador (6)
  • Guatemala (9)
  • Honduras (3)
  • Lebanon (1)
  • Mexico (123)
  • Nicaragua (1)
  • Singapore (1)
  • Philippines (1)

BOOM! Right now ICE is concluding raids across the nation that are yielding very positive results. Hundreds of illegal alien convicts are being rounded up and put in jail. Hopefully separated from their families. These people are the ultimate scum and I don’t give a damn if Twitter thinks I am “dehumanizing identifiable groups” by calling a spade a spade.

These illegal aliens are invaders, they have zero intent on becoming a part of our nation and they couldn’t give a damn if the nation collapses as long as they still have the job they stole from an American citizen and get to send money back to their home country. That is the reason why they are here. They didn’t come to wave the American flag, and you will rarely see an illegal alien that is actually proud of this nation and what it has achieved…


They didn’t come to America to assimilate into the culture, learn English and become Americans. They came to pillage the wealth and change the local communities into the foreign ones that they fled. Whole areas have been taken over by these illegal aliens and you can look at a place like Compton to see that it is actually Black Americans that are hurt the most by this invasion.

A big part of the problem is the Democrats extreme rhetoric in favor of illegal aliens. This began when they were taken over by toxic Social Justice. These new Democrats, the Progressive Social Justice Warriors, will do whatever it takes to destroy American traditions. And there is no greater tradition that is carried on today, by both sides of the aisle, than the perpetuation and enforcement of our borders.

In just 30 short years the racial demographics of Compton, California, have shifted dramatically. The area went from a Black racial majority to a Hispanic/Latino racial majority in just 3 decades…Black bookshops replaced with Aztlan Cafe’s. The White population in the area also dropped, but it was a relatively small number to begin with anyway.

Compton was a historically Black area until a massive influx of illegal aliens occurred in the late 80s, early 90s and thousands of black people have been forced out of their community, but the mainstream media won’t bring it up because it wasn’t White people that did it…insane. Indeed you won’t hear the Left say anything about this clear Black genocide happening before our very eyes. Far more Black people are shot by Latin drug gangs than they are by White police officers.

These ICE raids protect everyone and they ultimately protect our culture the most. We have a way of living here in the United States that is unlike anywhere else in the world. Many people are simply incapable of adapting to that lifestyle. Many foreigners simply cannot accept the idea of Free Speech. They come from countries where it is acceptable to violently assault someone for their words. They come from countries where it is more acceptable to abuse women and children.

I hate to tell you this and I don’t care who it offends, but Mexico is a shithole country. Yet, it is still the most civilized of all the other 3rd world shitholes like El Salvador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Haiti, Brazil and many other countries. Of course, there are some great people who come from those countries and we definitely want them as citizens in our country. We just don’t want the whole damn foreign country to try to import itself here!

There is no reason for people to bring over their entire family and that is what ends up happening. They want to bring over the whole damn town, the customs and languages of their home country. The place they still love very much apparently. Even people who are born here don’t consider themselves Americans. They still call themselves “Mexicans” or “Peruvians” based on wherever their families came from…that is a problem.

You see, when my family came to the US from Mexico over 40 years ago, the first thing they wanted to do was learn English and become Citizens. My grandfather put up a huge American flag in the living room of the home my grandparents bought in Pasadena and it is still there to this day, almost 40 years later. The breed of people who have come over within the past 20 years are NOT the same breed as my grandfather. A vast majority of these new immigrants HATE America, they still revere their broken home countries and look back on them nostalgically…They will NEVER consider themselves to be American.

These are the people who need to get the hell out of our country. Thank you for listening to my mega rant, and please continue to support ICE and Donald Trump as they fight to take back our country!

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