Citing fear of ICE, over 80 Hispanics ditch work in Wisconsin.

ABBOTSFORD, WISCONSIN – Over 80 Hispanic workers decided to stay home in fear, after the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency served targeted warrants in the area that resulted in 10 wanted illegal aliens being arrested — according to, a local news outlet for the area.


Fear of what? If they are a U.S. citizen or a lawful resident, then they have absolutely nothing to fear, but if perhaps they are illegal aliens, well then the reason why they stayed home was obvious. This is the “chilling” effect of ICE, and it is honestly time that illegal immigrants and those that are sympathetic to them begin to think twice about their actions. We will not be the nation that is taken advantage of anymore.

But another factor is at play here. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that at least some of the people who stayed home are indeed U.S. citizens or lawful residents, but due to the extremist rhetoric of the Democrats, they stayed home in fear. ICE has pretty much been painted as a modern Gestapo or Waffen SS, just kicking down doors and demanding immigration papers…

Let’s be clear. This was not an ICE “raid”, these were targeted arrest warrants for illegal aliens that are gross criminal offenders. ICE was not just randomly looking for illegal aliens, and doing immigration checks on brown people as the Left pretends. In fact, when ICE is forced to operate with a wider scope is in the “Sanctuary City” areas. Because of the refusal of local leaders in those sanctuary areas to work with our immigration agencies, ICE is forced to operate with a wider scope.

In those cases, illegal aliens who were not the intended target of the warrants do indeed get arrested, and rightfully so in my opinion, but in Wisconsin this was not one of those cases. So what do you think? Were these people who stayed home in fear of ICE a bunch of illegal aliens afraid of getting deported? Scared U.S. citizens, naturalized citizens or lawful residents? I am inclined to believe at least a mix of both is probably true and in either case, ICE needs to take a close look at those people that stayed home and see if they have anything shady going on with their immigration status.

Enough is enough. We need to get very serious about immigration control. With millions upon millions of illegal aliens in our country, and a number of seemingly legal immigrants that are scamming the system, something serious needs to be done. We elected Trump to take control of the problem and so far politicians have failed to properly rally behind the President and secure our borders.

I voted for Trump to cut taxes and build a wall. He already cut taxes, now time to deport them all and build the wall.


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