U.S. Border Patrol rescue 25 puppies stuffed inside duffel bags…

“I commend the officers for their keen observational skills and interviewing techniques which played a key role in the discoveries,” said Port Director Albert Flores, Laredo Port of Entry.

Walking the beat as a Border Patrol agent, working the frontline as a grunt in America’s numerous Wars on Various Vices, you truly never know what you will find. Kilos of pure cocaine hidden inside a shipment of pineapples? Humans being smuggled inside of a gas tank? Gallons of liquefied crystal meth that look exactly like water? Or 25 puppies stuffed inside of 3 duffel bags…

“The incident occurred on Sunday, Sep. 23, when a CBP officer referred a Honda Odyssey van driven by a 28-year-old male who resides in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico for a secondary examination. After conducting a thorough examination of the driver’s personal belongings, CBP officers discovered a total of three duffel bags containing a total of 25 puppies.”

undeclared puppies2LRD92318.jpg

You never know what you will hear about when reading stories from the front in the fight against illegal aliens, but you truly don’t often hear about the Border Patrol getting to rescue puppies. Indeed, the Border Patrol have to deal with some pretty interesting creatures, from the crop destroying Asian Gyspy Moth to the Trogoderma granarium, commonly known as Khapra beetle, the Border Patrol sure do come into contact with some very strange things.

So it was probably quite relief to get to save some puppies for a change and not having to worry about recovering hardcore drugs, rescuing people, being assaulted by a rabid illegal alien or worrying about strange 6-legged creatures from the 3rd world crawling out and biting them…

This was a very positive story to write, I hope people don’t buy into the whole lie that America’s largest and most gentlest law enforcement agency are really a bunch of secret Waffen SS Nazis that are systematically exterminating Mexican gypsy babies…I wish that was a stretch, but that is some of the rhetoric being spread by these anti-borders nutcases.


Continue to support our Border Patrol please because they truly do some amazing work. They interact with millions of people per year and they ARE NOT shooting them or hurting them indiscriminately.

Damn near every one of the men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol are good people, and the few bad agents are being weeded out as we speak. Ignore the Liberal slander, they just want to bring in millions of illegals and drugs to build up their socialist utopia. After all, they will need a slave class if they want the Marxist dream of staying home all day and working on their art…

In the world they think exists the Border Patrol would be eating these puppies…truly insane, like if the Border Patrol were Hillary Clinton or something…

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