ANTIFA calls for illegal aliens to rise up and kill Border Patrol agents…

ANTIFA calling for death to ice border patrol slaughter

Thanks to everybody’s favorite watch dog, Far Left Watch, I get to show you the mad ramblings of a most likely unemployed, probably overweight, admitted left-wing radical and ANTIFA member. This guy is an open communist and claims to have ties with other communist groups. This guy is so Left-Wing that Obama is a fascist to him for even allowing the Border Patrol and ICE to exist and deport some people! Even though Obama did everything he could to tie the hands of the Border Patrol and helped millions of people illegally enter the country by purposefully having a weak Border Policy.


The insane, and completely out of touch writings of this person are deeply troubling and it alarms me to read such hateful and violent rhetoric being spewed. While I am a firm believer in Free Speech, what I read in that article was an outright call to violence. The name attached to the article is Ulrike Salazar, and a cursory glance on the internet doesn’t suggest much of a footprint outside of writing for a website called “Incendiary News”

I normally don’t call people crazy or unhinged unless I genuine believe them to be so, and what I read in this hateful article was totally beyond the pale and probably more extreme than anything on a “White Nationalist” or “Nazi” site, because Ulrike is advocating an immediate and armed rebellion to take place right at this very moment.

The name of the article is “Killers in brown-shirt uniforms: How the U.S. Border Patrol brutalizes the masses” quite the catchy title huh?? In all of my research pertaining to the United States Customs and Border Patrol, from their own reports and outside reports, I was wholly unaware that complete “masses” of people were being “brutalized”, quite the little drama commie queen.


The evidence presented to justify the claim of the Border Patrol ‘brutalizing the masses’ is meager at best…It is quite odd to me how a person can clam to be a bleeding heart that just “cares about the equality of everyone”, then within the same article talk about killing innocent Border Patrol employees that are in no way, shape, or form “brutalizing” anyone.

What is spurring on the sheer vitriol and hate of Ulrike’s call for an Illegal Alien revolt? It was the recent arrest of a U.S. Border Patrol agent that admitted to killing 4 Latina women, all of whom were prostitutes. He was going to kill a 5th, but she escaped and alerted authorities. The man, Juan David Ortiz, was arrested and plead guilty to the murders earlier this month.

I don’t have time to get into the details of the Juan David Ortiz case because that is a freak occurrence and is in no way indicative of a pattern of violent behavior by Border Patrol agents. All it shows is the Border Patrol and local police are willing to arrest anyone guilty of misconduct.


And this guy is debunking his entire article within the 2nd paragraph. He is trying to paint the Border Patrol as an out of control and unaccountable agency, but he cites the fact that Border Patrol agents have one of the highest termination AND DISCIPLINARY rates of all federal agencies. That means the Border Patrol hold their agents accountable and terminate them when necessary. Perhaps he thought they were saying that “termination” means they are killing people?

Because Border Patrol DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, kill more than any other agency, in fact, as I have proved in a different article, lethal use of force incidents at the borders are WAY down.

So think about that, the largest law enforcement agency in the country, has the lowest rate of discharging their firearms…Of any law enforcement agency, you have the best chance of survival, even if you are a criminal, when you are dealing with Border Patrol agents. Even at the height of Border Patrol shootings, 2012 with 55 lethal use of force incidents is a relatively small number considering how many people they come into contact with and compared to other law enforcement agencies.

Nowhere in his article will he mention the fact that the United States Border Patrol are the LARGEST law enforcement agency in the country or the fact that they are the most frequently assaulted as well. So to say that they are excellent at terminating and disciplining agents guilty of misconduct is not a negative as Ulrike implies in his insanely violent manifesto.

I don’t blame him for being confused, a perpetual state of confusion is a prerequisite to being a declared communist.

Yet still, Ulrike Salazar will bring up another fact later in his article the further debunks his claims that all 60,000 of the US Border Patrol are insane serial killers…


Now he keeps saying “CATU” institute, but perhaps he means Cato institute, and indeed that report was a scathing report on Border Patrol, but what it totally fails to take into account is that we have a new boss in town and he is cracking down on corruption more than any previous president.

The fact that 93% of all Border agents convicted or charged with corruption were either fired or resigned says that the Border Patrol are pretty damn serious about rooting out corruption within their ranks, and right now this administration has furthered the process of eliminating these bad agents.

Here is the most violent part:


They are clearly calling for an armed uprising and citing other communist groups like the Red Guards. They are talking about “now is the time for war” and “mobilizing the immigrant masses from Central America and Mexico, to exact revolutionary vengeacne and seize power”, it is absolutely insane and incredibly dangerous.

The Red Guards of Los Angeles have this as their Twitter profile header “We must LITERALLY arm ourselves and go to war with U.S. capitalism”:


Look, are there too many corrupt Border Patrol agents? Yes. Is it enough to call the entire U.S. Customs and Border Protection and it’s 60,000 employees serial killing racists and mass murderers? Absolutely not. That is extremely irresponsible and dangerous rhetoric and it must be denounced. It is no wonder the Border Patrol agents are being assaulted more than ever before…and yet, they still aren’t opening fire on these illegal aliens.

No one in their right mind should be calling for an illegal alien uprising, and trying to incite legal immigrants to take up arms against the country they are trying to integrate with, but perhaps that was the plan all along. We now are getting a clearer picture of how many illegal aliens are in the country and the numbers are astounding.

There could be nearly 29.5 million illegal aliens in the United States. Remember, Hitler caused all that ruckus in Russia with only about 3 million soldiers to start the invasion. It will only take on madman like a George Soros to arm these people and we will be plunged into a war.


If the world that this psychotic communist believes exists was actually real, Border Patrol agents would be getting promoted for killing illegals, not locked up and sent to a federal prison…We need to stop the spread of this violent information and ensure that youth are not being indoctrinated into the communist agenda. We are already seeing the spread of socialism among college campuses. We must be prepared to face this growing threat and crush it if it decides to try and tear the country apart.


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