NEW STUDY: Over 29 million illegals living in the U.S….


A new study making the rounds online claims to blow away the official estimate of illegal aliens in this country by almost triple the current amount. The official estimate has maintained a number of about 11 million illegal aliens, but this very thorough study has a conservative estimate of 16 million illegal aliens to a high of 29.5 million illegal aliens…


The brilliant analysis was done by a group over at PLOS one and I have no reason to doubt its validity. They did a thorough analysis and triple-checked all of their numbers while delivering both a conservative estimate to go along with their maximum estimate.

The study rightfully points out that previous attempts at counting the illegal alien population are worthless because they rely on the illegal alien personally identifying themselves. It’s painfully obvious that any person currently residing in the country illegally will have a good reason to lie about their status due to a fear of consequences.

They seriously took into account just about every aspect of illegal immigration, from visa overstays to illegal border crossings. This was perhaps the most comprehensive and honest accounting of our illegal immigration population ever. The government has a great reason to lie about how many illegal aliens are here, especially when they have been supposedly spending money on Border Security this entire time.

The numbers tell you that the current accepted estimate of 11 million illegal aliens is way too small and nowhere near the actual amount. I have been saying for a while the number is far closer to 20 million, but this data suggest a high number of 29.5 million illegal aliens…

That is just an absolutely mind boggling number right there. To put that into perspective, we have more illegal aliens currently present in our country than the entire populations of Syria or North Korea. That is about the same as the entire populations of Israel, Switzerland, Austria, and Norway combined!

About 185 other countries have a population smaller than the amount of illegal aliens we currently have in our country…We have more illegal aliens in our country than the entire continent of Australia… CRISIS ALERT! It is time to deport them all. We can’t keep waiting around especially as hundreds of illegal aliens, nay, THOUSANDS of illegal aliens are making the mad dash to try to get into the country and make their way to a Sanctuary City before the door shuts.

I will keep this brief, I won’t bore you with too many of the details from the study, but they are very interesting and I fully encourage you to go read the entire thing for yourself. Here is the final paragraph that sums up the entire thing:

Our results lead us to the conclusion that the widely accepted estimate of 11.3 million undocumented immigrants in the United States is too small.

Our model estimates indicate that the true number is likely to be larger, with an estimated ninety-five percent probability interval ranging from 16.2 to 29.5 million undocumented immigrants.

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