El Paso TX: Border Wall upgrade begins tomorrow!

“This new wall will be far more durable and far more effective in deterring would-be illegal entrants”


EL PASO, Texas – Presidential Executive Order 13786, titled ‘Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements’ set into motion the beginning of the Trump administration’s efforts to build a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Well tomorrow, Saturday, September 22nd, the Border fencing in the El Paso area wil be upgraded just west of the Paso Del Norte international crossing and extending east to the Fonseca Road area.


This is what it currently looks like from our side of the border…


The existing chain link style fence will be replaced with an 18 foot tall steel bollard wall that the Border Patrol agents are very much asking for right now. The Obama administration actually was upgrading some areas with a steel bollard wall…but well, as Breitbart easily reported, there was a pretty serious design flaw…

border wall obama

There was a friggin bar right in the middle of the wall to help people climb up…This is why people voted against the policies of the Obama administration and I cannot even imagine how ignorant the people are that say “Obama was actually tough on illegal aliens” when he was literally giving them a leg up to help them into the country…


Then look at this incredibly stupid design that Congress funded, it doesn’t work at all and it just cuts off…it’s so easy to climb this thing or cut a hole in it and it is extremely expensive to maintain…besides IT DOESN’T EXTEND ALL THE WAY. What the hell were they thinking…when they do stuff like this it really makes me wonder if retardation is a choice you know?

Contractor makes progress on new border wall in New Mexico_1534529967936.jpg_52215886_ver1.0_640_360.jpg

But of course, they are probably corrupt and want all of these illegal aliens pouring across the border while they pocket most of the money that we have been spending on Border Security all of these years…I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THAT! What the hell is the point of that barrier that just abruptly ends! Oh, but it gets a little worse.

That total non-wall that you can easily walk around is not the worst part…they have what they call “Normandy Barrier”…


I mean come on! What year is this? 1944?!

nazi invasion of america normandy barrier border wall upgrade.jpg

Listen to the Texas Border Protection agents from the El Paso Sector talking about the steel bollard wall replacing these incredibly stupid half-walls, non-walls and Normandy barrier that Congress built.

So even if it’s not the immediately powerful wall that we wanted, it is a great start and a hell of a lot better than everything the Obama administration has imposed. I have no doubt Trump will continue to upgrade the border, but people need to realize that if he does not have enough support in Congress then he won’t be able to get us the wall that we need to protect our country from this invasion.


It isn’t just about electing Republicans, but electing Republicans that actually want to fix this country. I don’t know how Utah ended up with Mitt Romney, he will be a continuation of the John McCain agenda. No wall and trying to keep Obamacare alive. We can’t have that, and although any Republican is preferable to a Democrat, we need to be careful not to let the RINO’s take control of the party again or the Democrats will take back control of everything and destroy this country forever.

Don’t let that happen. Get out and vote and make sure your elected official wants to build a yuge wall on our southern border.

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