California Border Patrol catch illegal alien MS13 member.


Calexico, California –  One of the most heavily traversed areas of the U.S.-Mexico Border. Every day the area has thousands of legal travelers, and among them dozens and dozens of serious criminals and drugs. Dozens of sex offender pedophiles have been arrested this year passing through the sector, thousands of dollars worth of methamphetamine, and occasionally an MS13 member or two are arrested.

Yesterday night the Border Patrol agents in the El Centro sector responded to a suspected illegal entry near the Calexico and arrested one individual. The man they arrested was an admitted member of the violent transnational Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) gang.

MS MEDIA 13 600 CDN20180518020441.jpg

His name is Adys Avelar-Rivera and he is a citizen of El Salvador. Rivera has a lengthy criminal record. In 2001, Avelar was convicted for felony possession of narcotics and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, and 36 months probation. Again in 2003, he was sentenced to three years prison for felony drug possession. He has been convicted twice for illegal re-entry…

The President has made MS13 a frequent talking point of his and he has directed the Justice Department and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to target the transnational gang and disrupt it’s operations. And boy has the Silent Executioner put the vicious gang in his cross hairs. You can read through my website at some of the other documented instances of MS13 being arrested trying to enter the country.

We need to support the President and vote for MAGA Republicans that want to secure the border and build a wall. It is past time that we do so. Liberals talk about taking drastic measures on the Climate to protect generations 100 or even 1000 years from now, when hundreds of illegal aliens are pouring into the country and harming countless Americans that are alive right now!! They want to protect future generations yet they support drug trafficking, human smuggling, abortion, and letting in all of these dangerous illegals..

Enough is enough and it is getting totally out of control. I am so thankful every time that I get to write one of these stories about an MS13 or gang member getting arrested by Border Patrol because that is literally what Border Patrol exists for…not for humanitarian missions and taking in amnesty seekers.

That isn’t what these heroes signed up for, they are supposed to be kicking ass and stopping drugs, arresting gang members and waterboarding Democrats, oops, I mean terrorists.

They are not supposed to be rescuing old illegal Mexican ladies that recklessly tried to trek 20 miles over rough terrain with no water, and they shouldn’t be responsible for all of these transnational latchkey kids… and of course in between dealing with all that, they are getting assaulted by the violent illegals they come into contact with on a daily basis!!

Obama basically had our Border Patrol acting like Social Workers with guns! No more humanitarian rescues of illegal aliens at the taxpayer’s expense! These illegals are getting taxpayer funded healthcare because they hurt themselves illegally entering our country? This is so stupid.

Building a wall will protect everyone and save us a ton of money. We need to make sure we keep calling for stronger borders!!

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