Border Patrol arrest Mexican man that posed as U.S. citizen for 30 years…


We love a good imposter story over here at because they highlight the need for increased verification processes and why it is important to double-check the identity of people claiming to be U.S. citizens. The insane Democrats can pretend that no illegal alien has ever posed as a citizen before, but that is utterly false. Just recently at one port of entry, the Border Patrol apprehended 3 different individuals using documents that did not belong to them in an attempt to gain access to the country.

The most egregious of the offenders was a 57-year-old Mexican man arriving from Mexico with his wife. The man presented a Texas driver’s license, claiming U.S. citizenship and the woman presented her legal permanent resident card.

A very capable and diligent Border agent referred the person to secondary inspection, and with biometric verification through U.S. Customs and Border Protection databases, officers confirmed the identity of the female and discovered the true identity of the male traveler to be of a Mexican citizen.

Officers also discovered a U.S. birth certificate and social security card, which did not belong to him, and further examination and investigation revealed that the assumed identity had allegedly been used for more than 30 years.

Wow that is absolutely incredible. I am sure this person has crossed back and forth multiple times in the past and it was probably never an issue for him… Think about that, he was getting away with his crime for over 30 years. He probably never got looked at twice, because before Trump it was basically racist for them to question anyone of not being a U.S. citizen. Indeed, the policies were so screwed up that sometimes a person might get in just with a photocopy of an ID…not anymore though.

And now the Border Patrol have more biometric technology that can help them determine who a person really is, before they almost had no way of knowing outside of an intense interrogation. Now they have a scientific advantage that will no doubt continue to yield amazing results at the Border. I am sure they will keep arresting people using documents that are forged or do not belong to them and I will be happy to report them to you.

I hope whoever belonged to that stolen identity says thank you to the Border Patrol for catching this imposter and putting him in jail.

*the Mexican man has not been convicted of a crime and is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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