Masses of illegal aliens continue pouring across the Border…


New numbers being released by the government show that the number of illegal aliens trying to enter our country has increased substantially from previous months. There is a surge happening right now as illegal aliens are scrambling to get across the Border before Trump can get his wall built.


Of course some of the media is denying there is a problem while others are acknowledging the issues in front of us, look at these two headlines from around the same time, one from New York Times one from Los Angeles Times:

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One article, the LA times one, admits Border Crossings are indeed up, but the New York Times article takes a step back and brings in a million other factors to explain away the surge of illegal aliens across the Borders by claiming “historical context”. Where they disingenuously take the highest numbers during the Obama administration and compare them to now, claiming a lower number now, but I am talking about the last two years, especially the last few months.


The fact is that we are currently seeing hundreds of family units and unaccompanied minors stampeding across the border, and still only a small few brave GOP members are attempting to pass stricter laws that prevent illegal aliens from entering the country. This is an absolute disaster unfolding and we need to take drastic measures in order to stem the tide of illegals pouring into the country right now.


My parents fled from Mexico, separately, they met in the United States. They came to this country because it was different from Mexico in terms of culture and economy. Now the Democrats, and some RINO’s, have left our Border so wide open that many places are actually starting to resemble Mexico…That is to say many areas are rife with poverty, racked with violence, and totally swamped in crime. Whole communities absolutely flooded with drugs.

Now, I believe the Democrats are funneling funds out of the country, and Soros funded groups are using the money to give illegal aliens training and assistance to get to the United States. Groups like Amnesty International regularly break the law by taking donations from the billionaire “philanthropist”. According the Irish Times, late last year, Amnesty International defied an Irish court order to return a huge donation they took from George Soros…


These groups go to Mexico or Central America and find the poorest people and convince them to come to America and they help them seek asylum..They are telling them to bring their children or other people’s children with them as it grants them a better chance of getting into the country.

We need to start putting our foot down on the Border and believe me Trump is trying his absolute best and doing everything within his power without overreaching. It is Congress that is stalling out this process, perhaps they are involved with businesses that have been knowingly hiring illegal aliens, nevertheless, we need to vote out the old RINOs and replace them with MAGA patriots that will help Trump secure our borders once and for all!

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