Honduran national in Illinois filed 200 false tax returns…

In total, the scheme involved approximately 200 false tax returns and resulted in an intended tax loss of over $1.1 million.

ILLINOIS – A Honduran national was sentenced to 2 years in prison yesterday for theft of government funds in connection with his role in a stolen identity tax refund fraud scheme. According to documents and information provided to the court, Elin Matute, formerly of Waukegan, Illinois, cashed fraudulently obtained tax refund checks issued in the names of identity theft victims.


In total, the scheme involved approximately 200 false tax returns and resulted in an intended tax loss of over $1.1 million. Matute cashed the checks at his bank and a local checking cashing business by claiming that the people listed on the checks were family members. Matute would then deposit the proceeds into bank accounts he controlled and would also send portions of the money overseas.

In addition to the term of imprisonment imposed, the court ordered Matute to serve three years of supervised release and pay $630,498 in restitution to the IRS. 

So he scammed the government for around $1.1 million but they only ordered him to pay back about $630,000? And just a 2 year sentence? That is a pretty damn light sentence for someone who immigrated into our country and then decided to scam the government. That type of behavior should be akin to treason, to go to another country and pretend you are arriving in good faith, only to turn around and proceed to try to rob the place and the citizens blind? That is horrible behavior and we don’t need it in our country.

This is a problem with the legal immigration system in that it allows people like this guy into the country and then when the Justice Department is in the hands of ineffective neocons or limpwristed Liberals they are allowed to get off totally free for years without anyone stopping them. Then when someone finally brings down the hammer on criminals like this scumbag, the neutered laws passed by Congress that don’t actually punish illegal aliens let them off with just a slap on their little illegal wrists…

We need a stronger system of laws and much tougher immigration enforcement. I didn’t want to have to militarize these agencies, but when you have 20 millions illegal invaders and many more foreign-born legal residents that are engaged in all sorts of degenerate and criminal behavior, well then it’s time that we do something to put a stop to it. Support ICE. Support Trump.

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