GOP Senator wants to make it harder to seek asylum in U.S.

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Drastic times call for drastic measures. Amid calls from many Democrats to abolish the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it looks like abolishing the laws that allow people to cross our borders and seek asylum is more likely to happen. We are in a dangerous situation and at least one lawmaker understands the severity of having 20 million illegals in our country with laws that allow tens of millions more people to enter our country legally.

Indeed, we aren’t just dealing with an illegal alien problem, many people enter legally through the refugee or asylum programs or some other form of visa and then just end up staying in the United States for years with no intention on going home…in fact they immediately start trying to bring over their entire family with them.

According to the article by the Daily Caller: The draft of the proposed bill prevents U.S. Border Patrol from allowing anyone into the country who does not have the required entry documents.


Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma told the Daily Caller that he wants to pass a bill that would totally free up Border Patrol agents from having to worry about all of these “asylum seekers”

Most of these people are not fleeing violence, they are simply fleeing poverty. In most cases, they bring over a 3rd world mentality with them. Living in squalor and not assimilating properly or learning English. They claim asylum, they are granted a court date, and then they disappear into the United States…only to be found once they end up hurting somebody.

So of course if you have read even one article on this website you probably know that I fully support this effort and totally agree that we need to just do away with the laws that force Border Patrol agents to accept asylum seekers. Thank God at least one man in Congress has the balls t stand up for Americans over these asylum seekers that are more often than not just people trying to take advantage of our wealth and abundance.

It’s time to stop accepting in the dregs of the 3rd world and turn them around at the border so they can help their own countries. We need to force Mexico to patrol its border and stop letting all of these people through. Think about Trump’s words when he first announced his campaign for President. He said, ‘When Mexico sends people’, he was talking about how they help these Central American and South American migrants travel to the United States.

They are leaving their side of the border essentially wide open and sometimes our Border Patrol agents are even shot at! It is totally out of control and we need to take drastic measures to deter people from wanting to come here. If people know they won’t be accepted as an asylum seeker, many will stop coming.

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