Lib group withdraws wild claim that illegal alien was murdered in a detention center.


Do the Liberals ever tell the truth? I don’t think so. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but at this point they have cried wolf so often that I just can’t take them seriously anymore. One the latest Liberal lies was that illegal aliens are being indiscriminately beaten and murdered by evil Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents…

Now, I knew from the outset of these claims that they were obviously lies. ICE has a policy of informing people when someone dies within their custody and a full investigation into the death is launched. There is a fair amount of transparency with these organizations.

We are right now seeing a story about a Border Patrol agent that just confessed to being a serial killer!! These illegal events committed by law enforcement are not being covered up, and in fact they are being exposed and the culprits punished.

So when I read that this Liberal group called “The League of United Latin American Citizens” (LULAC) was claiming that a man was savagely beaten and subsequently murdered by corrections officers in an immigrant detainment center, I was extremely skeptical. I don’t trust these radical Progressive groups and more often than not they are making up total lies.

‘One person has died while in custody in ‘the Hole’ as a result of the terrible beat down,’ LULAC’s civil rights chair, Agustin Pinedo, said in a press release. But Pinedo told The Daily Caller News Foundation that LULAC has not been able to substantiate the death.

Well wouldn’t you know it, they are now totally walking back their claim because they can’t actually prove that the man is dead…ANOTHER HOAX BITES THE DUST! The claim was so outrageous, and according to The Daily Caller, the claim was made by the sister of the person who was presumed dead. Why would they listen to and propagate a 3rd party claim like that? Because the claim confirmed what they believe about ICE.

They believe the lies that ICE agents are monsters, rounding up Mexican babies, tossing them in little cages in what the Left claim are essentially concentration camps. Not a joke, many among the Left actually claim that immigration detention centers are “Concentration Camps”

We find ourselves with no choice but to disregard many of the claims that the Liberals are making about Trump and ICE. I really wish we didn’t have to do that. Rarely do I advocate for outright disregarding an opinion without hearing it and reasonably debating your point for or against that opinion. However, these claims being made by the Liberals are designed to be non-arguable opinions. That is to say they will never accept a rebuttal being made by the opposing side, no matter how factually based and reasonable the rebuttal may be.

Support ICE? You want Mexican babies dead. Support Trump? You are a KKK neo-nazi white supremacist! Want welfare reform? You want minorities to die. Want people to assimilate properly into the country and learn English? How dare you say such a thing you racist xenophobe! They don’t even have to debate your point with a factual rebuttal, they can just call you a Nazi and move on.

They use rhetoric that is so extreme and they slander our side so much that Liberals feel like they are being brainwashed when you actually tell them something true that momentarily pulls them out of their brainwashed state.

Harriet Tubman summed it up the best:

“I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

These Liberals don’t actually realize they are the slaves. Slaves to lies and propaganda. Slaves to a movement that seeks to put them in financial bondage. Time and time again we see the Liberal media and Liberal groups taking back extreme claims they were carelessly making. I will maintain my conviction that they know full well that they are pushing a lie, then turn around claim mistake only when they are called out.

Yet the damage is already done. Many young, impressionable people will go on believing that ICE agents are throwing Mexican babies in concentration camps and beating prisoners for no reason…even though the only place that anything close to that is actually happening is in Mexico itself where the Cartels and corrupt government officials kidnap thousands of young kids every year and murder many more parents.

Yet we aren’t hearing this League of United Latin American Citizens protesting all the horrific stuff going down in Mexico and we probably never will. Because that is a real problem, Liberals only like going after fake problems.


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