Illegal Alien MS13 member convicted of brutally assaulting a federal witness…

ms13 convicted illegal alien assaulting witness rape murder homicide

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — Gerson Serrano-Ramirez, 31, an illegal alien in America from El Salvador, was accused of pointing an assault rifle at the victim, strangling him with the rifle strap; spraying bleach into his eyes; and then placing a plastic bag over his head.

The problem with gang violence in America is a complex and deep-rooted issue, but within the last 20-30 years, a new sort of crime started to take over the streets of America. Much more radical in nature, extremely violent and unpredictable. It is not uncommon now to hear of a wedding being shot up in a gang violence episode, or even a funeral…decapitations, torture, people being held as slaves…

South of our border, it isn’t uncommon for people to engage in this type of behavior. The reason why free speech is such a dangerous concept to most people alive is due to the fact that in a vast majority of the world people still think it’s totally acceptable to assault someone for “disrespecting” them. There is a reason other countries don’t regularly engage in “Yo Mama” jokes…

Me, I don’t feel compelled to violence when I hear someone “being racist” or “disrespecting me”, but many of the people who are coming over are very prone to acting out violently against someone else’s words and that mentality has gone viral among the Liberals.

Indeed they will even attack people who are rightfully speaking out against their uncivil or violent behavior. Which is what we see here in this case. This MS13 couldn’t stand that someone dared to tell him that he was a nuisance to their business. Then, being the lowlife that he is, invited the victim over to a residence where he was assaulted, tortured and had a threat leveled at his mother…when the illegal alien was the one in the wrong the entire time!

Spraying bleach in someone’s eyes is very sick behavior, but truly the victim is lucky he was not decapitated! Because that is the very common behavior among many of these vicious illegal alien gang members that have little regard for a person’s life. They entered the country for the purpose of causing mayhem and they don’t even care if they go to jail because they still get to be a part of the gang on the inside!

And beside the physical victims of these MS13, the American taxpayer has to foot the bill in arresting these criminals, prosecuting them, and then carrying out the sentence, which ends up costing taxpayers untold amounts of money…When all of this could have been avoiding by having a wall and better Border Security.

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