REPORT: Trump’s Border Patrol agents are better trained than Obama’s were.


The Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General recently published a comprehensive report regarding U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) use of force incidents and assaults. The data compiled by the Inspector General is very interesting and touches on a number of different points, but I thought this one was very interesting:



The data tells us that Border Patrol agents under the Trump administration, all across the United States, received almost the highest possible level of retraining in Control and Arrest Techniques, Edged Weapons Defense, and Defensive Tactics.  You can see that in 2014, during the Obama administration, the percentage of Border Patrol agents that received retraining was absolutely abysmal. That put our agents and those that they were trying to protect or arrest in greater danger.

That is the direct reason why lethal use of force incidents involving Border Patrol agents discharging their weapon at a suspect have decreased dramatically. The latest numbers from the CBP conclude that lethal use of force incidents have dropped almost 69% from the height in 2012, during the apex of the Obama administration.

You can see why during the Obama administration, a Border Patrol agent was far more likely to pull out their weapon and fire on an illegal alien even when it was not necessary to do so. Why? Because of their lack of training and support, plus a myriad of restrictive policies on the agents that only serve to make the situation more difficult for everyone involved.

Of course, another obvious reason why agents discharged their weapons more often was the severe lack of Border Security during Obama. If an agent feels overwhelmed and against the odds, he is more likely to fire his weapon at a perceived threat. Now with Trump hiring more Border agents, deploying National Guardsmen, and even having rescue Marines in place, agents feel much more secure and are less likely to discharge their weapon.

Trump has sought to increase the number of Border Patrol and ICE agents all across the country. Areas of the border that had a small barrier, or no barrier at all, are now starting to get upgraded to a tall barrier in place while Trump’s Border Wall is constructed. That is protecting everyone, including the illegal aliens, that is why this issue scares the hell out of the anti-Trump media because it destroys the narrative that Trump is treating immigrants harshly.

Being strict on illegal aliens and being harsh towards all immigrants are two totally different things. Trump only seems more harsh because he is being more strict on illegal aliens than Obama was. He may have deported a lot of people, but they just kept coming back over and over, some of them even killing police officers or young women. President Trump is doing his best to ensure that they don’t come back, and if they do they will be met with the most severe penalties.

We need to make it a felony to enter the country illegally, it’s insane that it isn’t already a felony to do so. Anyways, before I get lost in a xenophobic rant, I’ll conclude by saying I am so thankful that President Trump has ramped up the training of our Border Patrol agents because that will ultimately make everyone in the entire country more safe. While local police officers are combatting the criminals of their local area, the Border Patrol are battling the criminals of the entire world…they deserve the absolute best training and weapons available.


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