President Trump is deploying a top secret weapon to fight illegal immigration.


illegal alien trump deploying secret weapon maga kag build the wall.jpg

If you haven’t read the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s report about use of force and assaults on immigration officials, don’t worry, I am digging deep into this report and one sentence on page 24 under “Use of Force devices and weapons” really sprang out at me:


One Technology in development distances potentially threatening individuals from CBP staff by creating a sensation of pain without any damage…

I am not entirely convinced on the “without any damage” part and I actually hope they are wrong about that!! Haha. This is a big development and a massive step forward. People actually don’t realize that President Trump is declaring war on illegal immigration. Why not? We have a War on Drugs, a War on Terror, illegal aliens bring with them both terror and drugs into the country!

I found an article from 2007 that potentially explains what type of weapon this is:

military ray gun makes people feel like they're on fire

“Anyone hit by the beam immediately jumped out of its path because of the sudden blast of heat throughout the body. While the 130-degree heat did not cause lasting pain, it was intense enough to make the participants think their clothes were about to ignite.” according to FOX news.


Raytheon has been experimenting with directed energy weapons mounted on Apache helicopters.

This is a necessary step forward. We are being invaded by millions upon millions of illegal aliens, and it needs to stop now! Drastic measures are necessary since attacks on Border Patrol agents are surging to record levels and ICE agents are also increasingly under attack. Eventually, the Police may even use these weapons if the cop haters keep attacking and killing our law enforcement officers.

When they are on the floor feeling like their skin is about to catch on fire, maybe then they will rethink their choice to lead a life of crime and violence. It is absolutely no coincidence that while the Liberal-Democrats have become very vocal in their disdain for our immigration enforcement agents we are also seeing record levels of attacks on ICE agents and CBP agents…

Hopefully we wont have to use these non-lethal laser  weapons on the Democrats themselves, as they are essentially placing themselves outside of the boundaries of the United States and declaring themselves for illegal aliens over U.S. citizens. These illegal aliens threaten to destroy our entire way of life and sink our country. They are already overwhelming healthcare and welfare systems across the country.

It’s unfortunate that we had to resort to such measures, but drastic times call for drastic measures and 20 million illegal alien invaders in our country is a very drastic situation.


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