Illegal alien indicted for murder in Florida deputy’s 2016 death.

JACKSONVILLE – FLORIDA. Francisco Obidio Portillo-Fuentes, an illegal alien from El Salvador, has been indicted by a jury for several charges including Aggravated Manslaughter, Second Degree Felony Murder, and Escape. The charges stem from an incident in 2016 where Francisco decided to run from U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and a Nassau County Deputy, Eric Oliver, was struck by an SUV as he chased the suspect across the highway.


View an unofficial copy of the indictment by clicking here. Via

Francisco Obidio Portillo-Fuentes had been deported twice prior to this fatal incident…He was deported in 2011, and again about two months before he decided to lead a police officer on a dangerous foot pursuit across a busy highway. I would love to believe that illegal aliens are our friends. That they simply want to work and live peacefully, but they are very clearly engaging in a severe amount of crime and to be quite frank, they simply don’t understand our culture and way of life. They bring over their 3rd world mentality in most cases.

Very sad situation and I pray for everyone affected by this terrible tragedy. It happened almost 2 years ago, but Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions will deliver justice and with maximum severity punish the illegal alien that did this.


Put aside for a minute the fact that every single illegal alien is a criminal by nature of their very being in this country without express permission from the government. There is a very substantial number of thefts, rapes, assaults and murders being committed by the illegal alien community. Only a overeducated Liberal-Progressive and a greedy RINO can convince themselves that these illegal aliens are not overzealously engaged in crime, and that they are here for the benefit of the general population. They are not.

It is time for these illegal aliens to get BFTO(Blown the F Out) of our country. We have had enough of their stealing, raping, murdering ways. That is barbaric behavior. No nation in the history of ever would stand for so many illegal aliens just crapping(literally) all over their country! It is insane and it needs to stop because regular average Americans are the ones that have to pay the price! Not the Liberals that invite them in, but then live in gated communities.

These Limousine Liberals that virtue-signal for illegal aliens don’t have to ride public transportation with them. They don’t have to work with them. They do everything they can to avoid going anywhere near them, except using them as slave labor to clean the 12 toilets in their mansion and mow their 1,700 square foot front lawn at a mansion that they aren’t even currently living in.

We have lost too much to count. Children losing innocence on a near daily basis to these illegal aliens. And look I am not saying that some Americans don’t engage in that behavior as well, it happens yes, but these illegal alien crimes are far more preventable than the crimes committed by Americans. By building a strong wall on our Southern Border and increasing the number of Border Patrol and ICE agents we can easily prevent thousands of rapes and deaths from occurring each year.


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