Illegal alien charged with fatally stabbing 16-year old girl…

“She was funny, she was beautiful, and she was kind…She had it all.”

LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY – An illegal alien named Bryan Cordero-Castro, age 20, was arrested and has been charged with the fatal stabbing of a vibrant 16-year old high-school girl named Madison Wells. Authorities say Bryan Cordero-Castro knew Madison Wells, but the nature of their relationship is unclear at this time. The stabbing occurred this past Saturday in Long Branch, New Jersey.

The prosecutors office said Cordero-Castro was living in the country illegally and is from Guatemala.

The details in the case so far are light, and Bryan Cordero-Castro is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow at 9 a.m. EST.


Many small news outlets and online media sites have reported on the stabbing, but many are neglecting to say the immigration status of the individual and the mainstream media is avoiding the incident entirely. Indeed, the optics of another illegal alien in the media spotlight for murdering a young girl so soon after the death of Mollie Tibbetts would not look good for those advocating on behalf of illegal aliens…

Granted this case is a tiny bit different in that it seems Madison made the unfortunate decision of associating herself with this dirtbag. Her parents obviously did not do a very good job of keeping an eye on her and checking who she was associating herself with. The Gofundme setup in her name says: “She was murdered by an illegal Guatemalan that she knew and worked with

What does “worked with” mean? She is 16-years old. I guess she had a job, and somehow this scumbag was working there as well. What company was it that hired an illegal alien, and then failed to make sure this piece of crap illegal stayed far away from this UNDERAGE GIRL. And as most normal American 20-year olds would totally stay away from a little 16-year old girl(if only just to avoid going to jail), I noticed among the illegal alien population they don’t pay much regards to age of consent laws.

In fact, I personally knew a man, 20-years old, from Mexico, DACA recipient, he was dating a 16-year old…and while the 16-year old girl was totally willing, as normal people are aware, she is 100% unable to legally consent to sexual contact. Many of these people are sex offenders that are targeting underage girls…

In some cases, they are even being murdered. While we constantly hear the Left talk about mythical “common sense gun control”, we never hear them talk about the very real “common sense immigration reform” we can engage in by deporting all of these illegal aliens and saving countless lives in the process.

It’s way past time to get serious about deporting illegal aliens.

You can donate to her GoFundMe here.


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