Assaults on ICE agents spike, California tops list…


A comprehensive analysis was recently published by the Office of the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General aimed at compiling data about assaults and use of force incidents involving U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, and Border Patrol. While the report certainly has a great deal of interesting numbers and facts, the one that grabbed my eyes(of course) was the fact that California topped the list of states where the most reported assaults on ICE are taking place.


And is that any surprise? We have a state government and numerous local officials actively working to undermine ICE! This is a political crisis of epic proportions, not once in our modern history has a state so boldly gone against the wishes of the Federal government. The federal government has pretty much ruled supreme on immigration issues, and not because of tyranny or anything like that, usually the Supreme Court sides with the Federal government on matters of immigration because it is a national security issue well within the jurisdiction of the Fed…but try telling that to these rabid Democrats!


The UFAD or the Use of Force, Assaults and Discharges reporting system is a new system that ICE started using to report assaults and use of force incidents more accurately and easily. The DHS Inspector General found that the system ICE was using up to that point was not accurately charting assaults on ICE agents and made recommendations for ICE to consider and scolded them pretty well in the report

Because this state is actively prohibiting ICE agents from carrying out their duties effectively we have relatively few of them operating here, 9 of 36 total agents being assaulted is an absolute disgrace. That is 25% of all assaults on ICE agents taking place here! That speaks volumes to the level of disrespect our leaders are showing towards ICE agents that deport violent pedophiles and MS13 members, and how that attitude is seeping into the illegal alien community.

This is why ICE doesn’t try to make its presence well known in California because the state is almost literally putting a target on their back. I am absolutely not surprised they are being assaulted here, but I thank them for still being brave to operate here when they have too.

Make no mistake, this report was not a glowing review of ICE, in fact it showed that they can do a lot more to improve their effectiveness, while the U.S. Border Protection agency received better marks in my opinion. People don’t realize that President Trump is auditing our government from the top down it doesn’t matter if you work in the White House, if you are an ICE agent, or a local janitor that stole a mop, you will be fired from your job.

It has been clearly established that the Federal government decides who can come in and out of the country, especially in a time of crisis. I don’t know about you, but I think 20 million illegal aliens in our country is enough of a crisis for us to decide to do something drastic and that is why we went with Donald Trump. We elected a hawk on immigration, but not because “we hate immigrants”, absolutely not, that is just a slander to get you on the defensive.

We elected a hawk on immigration because we have an out of control illegal alien population that is killing law enforcement officers, stealing tens of millions of identities from U.S. citizens, raping, stealing, and drunkenly running people over and then driving away from the scene of the crime to avoid deportation!

I have seen cases where people accidentally hit someone, and they were drunk, but they still stopped and got arrested like a normal person. Yet this illegal alien population has a knack for driving away after hitting someone, so much so that Governor Jerry Brown’s official reason for giving them a Drivers License was so that they would stop driving away after running someone over…and of course so they could drive over to the polls and vote for the Democrat party!

There is a severe amount of gang affiliations and drug activity among the illegal alien population that must be quelled completely as it threatens thousands of counties across the country. The insidious illegal element in our country is realizing that its glory days are over, so it is lashing out violently and attacking our Border Patrol and ICE agents. It is a very dangerous situation, and I believe as they grow more desperate they will become even more violent.

We need to elect new leadership and steer the boat in a different direction before we hit that political iceberg and sink forever into a socialist hell hole. Please vote MAGA this November.


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