California Border Patrol Agent shot at multiple times…

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According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the marked Border Patrol vehicle was parked one and a half miles west of the port of entry when multiple bullets struck the driver’s side of the vehicle from the Mexican side of the border. The agent was not injured but was able to escape and drove to a safe location until Mexican authorities were contacted to assist in the shooting.


Initially, two suspects were taken into custody, but one of them was released, while the other was in possession of the handgun supposedly used in the shooting. The FBI is currently investigating.

This absolutely irritates me, because while our Border Patrol constantly refrain from using deadly force on illegal aliens(even when they are being pelted with rocks) the illegal aliens don’t seem to be as nice in return…

Mexico itself isn’t doing much to combat the problem. Most likely the person they arrested doesn’t have anything to do with this crime, as the Mexican law enforcement is a total joke at this point corrupted heavily by the cartels.

We need a much more strict approach when dealing with these illegal aliens so that they know not to mess with our Border Patrol agents or ICE. It’s an absolute travesty that we have a political party, the Democrats, actively campaigning to bring more violent illegal aliens into the country and hamper our Border Patrol’s ability to do their jobs effectively. Obama started this mess. Illegals became emboldened by his anti-American attitude.

A Border Patrol agent named Brian Terry was even killed by an illegal alien that possessed a firearm sent to the Mexican cartels by the Obama administration. This happened after Brian Terry threatened to expose the international gun running ring Obama had going in Operation Fast and Furious, that some say has ties to ISIS.

I am truly thankful that I voted for President Donald J Trump and that I can rest comfortably knowing he will do everything in his power to protect us and our Border Patrol agents. It is cucked Congress and our past Presidents that are to blame for the fiasco at the Southern and Northern border.

Remember, vote for MAGA candidates that want to secure our Border this November! Send President Trump the assistance he needs to get the wall built. Enough! We need to drastically increase our Border Security!!


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