Over 200% increase in arrests by El Centro Border Patrol involving smuggling

INDIO, California. – El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to both the Highway 86 and Highway 111 checkpoints have increased overall arrests by more than 100%, and arrests involving human smuggling are up drastically over 200% compared to the last fiscal year.


So far this fiscal year, El Centro sector’s checkpoints have yielded much higher apprehensions than fiscal year 2017.  Smuggling cases have drastically increased by over 200%, both in alien smuggler and smuggled aliens arrests during checkpoint operations.

Fiscal year to date 2017, El Centro sector recorded 68 alien smuggling loads, compared to 210 this current fiscal year to date.  That translates to 297 people arrested so far this year, compared to 95 last year.

“These increases in apprehensions are indicative of our agents’ diligence and hard work, often under extreme weather conditions.  Our checkpoints will continue to be a second line of defense against the illegal activity of trans-national criminal organizations,” said Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez.

The checkpoints have interdicted more than 1,360 lbs. of methamphetamine and significant amounts of other dangerous drugs like heroin and cocaine.

While this is certainly amazing news, it speaks volumes to how poorly we have been enforcing our border with Mexico in the past…For El Centro sector, about a 70 mile stretch of border, which sees tens of thousands of people passing through everyday, only arresting 95 people in FY 2017 is an abysmal performance. But that really isn’t their fault.

You see, when you are terribly underfunded, and you are based in a state that is encouraging illegal aliens to come into the country with Sanctuary City laws, well that is going to make your job exponentially more difficult.

The results are really speaking for themselves, the numbers don’t lie, and for overall arrests to be up over 100% in a single fiscal year, you have to look at the timeline and ask yourself “what happened that caused this increase?” and the clear answer to that is Donald Trump happened.


Donald Trump is the main cause of this increase in arrests of human smugglers and drug seizures. He is sending our immigration agents the support they need to do their jobs effectively and safely. Someone has to protect this beautiful state while our own state leaders are too weak to stand up to violent crime and they insist on picking fights with plastic straws and our own police officers…

Good work Border Patrol. Good work Donald J Trump. God Bless every serviceman and servicewomen that work day and night to protect this country. Truly, we love and support you.

We pray for your safety in the name of the Lord and may he watch over you always. Amen.


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