2880 pounds of cocaine seized, 6 arrested after vessel detected by CBP air crew.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO) aircrews with interagency partners detected a vessel loaded down with over 2,880 pounds of cocaine—a combined street value of $37.5 million—in international waters off the coast of Acapulco, Mexico.


A CBP Air and Marine Operations P-3 crew identified a suspicious vessel in waters off the coast of Mexico and worked with the crew of a U.S. Coast Guard cutter on routine patrol in the region to intercept the vessel, seize the contraband and detain six suspected drug runners.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection use a Lockheed P3 Orion variant.

“Air and Marine Operations advanced aeronautical and maritime capabilities are a way to combat transnational threats and interdict nefarious actors and contraband before it reaches our local communities and causes harm.”

In Fiscal Year 2017, AMO enforcement actions resulted in the approximate seizure or disruption of 269,790 pounds of cocaine, 384,230 pounds of marijuana, 5,721 pounds of methamphetamine, 1,089 weapons, and $26.1 million; 2,573 arrests; and 37,009 apprehensions of illegal aliens.

Truly incredibly work that these air crews do and I cannot imagine what our communities would be like if these assets were not in place to prevent as many of these drugs and illegals from reaching our shores as they can. President Donald Trump has finally sent them the support they need. He is increasing the funding of our border security and giving them the resources and tools they need to fight against this tidal wave of drugs and crime.


We must do what we can to elect representatives that will work closely and amicably with the President in his monumental effort to secure our country. If we allow the corrupt swampers to take back control then we can pretty much kiss our country goodbye! We will be flooded with illegals and drugs until the point that we no longer have a country! We cannot allow that to happen!

Vote MAGA this November if you want to continue to see record-breaking levels of drug busts and arrests of illegal aliens! Lives are being saved by the Border Patrol and ICE agents. I think most people who are not totally brainwashed understand that ICE and Border Patrol are mostly focused on ending child trafficking, deporting violent illegal aliens, and dissolving transnational drug organizations.

It is entirely within every American’s best interest to ensure that Trump is allowed to do his job without all of this obstruction from Democrats and NeverTrumpers. Do your duty America, vote for patriots that support the Trump agenda to secure our borders!


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