Illegal alien found hiding in storm drain…


TUCSON, Ariz. – Police from Douglas, AZ, assisted Border Patrol agents in apprehending a man hiding in a storm drain tunnel. The police are participating in Operation Stonegarden, a Department of Homeland Security effort to assist Border Patrol in stopping smuggling attempts and assisting in incidents involving illegal aliens.

Earlier in the day, Douglas Border Patrol agents saw a suspicious man enter a storm drain tunnel near the international boundary fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.. They thoroughly searched potential exit routes north of the border wall, and were alarmed when they found a hacksaw next to a storm drain on 4th Street and A Avenue.

With assistance from a Douglas Police officer and the local fire department, agents opened an access panel and bravely entered the tunnel. Inside, they located and arrested a 19-year-old Mexican man. He is now in federal custody and being processed for immigration violations.

They are very brave to enter a storm drainage tunnel like that in the hunt for these illegal aliens infiltrating our country, not knowing what lie ahead of them. Very dangerous situation, you never know what someone could do in a situation where you are face to face with them and left with little room to maneuver.

Interesting story as here in California we have hordes of “homeless” people living in tents all over the place. Off biking trails, in sewers, in alleys, under bridges, in the parks, in the woods, and even just in broad daylight in Downtown Los Angeles…Who knows how many illegal aliens are hidden among that population. Many of these illegal aliens are literally the dregs of their societies. They have no problem living in sewers…

Imagine that, people would rather come here and live in our sewers than stay in their country and live in the open…I almost feel sorry for them. I said almost.


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