Illegal alien viciously strangles 2 rescue dogs, authorities say…

“if you want me, come and get me,” -Illegal alien.

When illegal aliens strike, it is never ever a pretty sight. And while illegals are very busy stealing the identities of U.S. citizens, engaging in welfare/healthcare fraud, participating in drunken hit-and-runs, and sometimes raping and/or murdering people, they still somehow found the time to strangle a couple of rescue dogs. Busy little buggers these illegal aliens are aren’t they?

Law enforcement in Aransas County, Texas, gave chase to a vehicle suspected of holding illegal aliens and when they attempted to pull over the vehicle, a group of people suspected of being in the country illegally bailed out into the nearby brush. Two canines assisted in the search for the illegal aliens.

Now, before you rush off and assume that these were two vicious snarling German Shepards, trained to bite on sight, and perhaps someone feared for their life and defended themselves by taking out two rabid dogs that were chasing them, that isn’t the case here at all…Even then it wouldn’t be acceptable at all to murder the dogs, but at least in that situation, I can see why someone would do that because they would be physically threatened…

But these dogs were specifically trained NOT to bite people…You see, they had in the past taken part in successfully locating elderly individuals suffering from Alzheimers or dementia. So the dogs were trained to be peaceful and non-violent. Perhaps the mistake was sending these two innocent dogs to go after illegal aliens that are absolutely capable of anything.

This strangulation was done purely out of hate and malice. This illegal alien directed his hate of our Border Patrol agents, his hate of our immigration laws, his hate of our nation was taken out on these innocent animals. It’s a fitting allegory for what the illegal alien population was doing to our nation and economy, strangling it, out of pure spite, jealousy and hate for our way of life.

The Border Patrol need to be able to shoot on sight more often, especially when they encounter someone so flagrantly taunting them, because that person is the one most likely to resort to violence. Had they shot that man, these two brave canines would still be alive. Just about everyday Border Patrol encounter illegal aliens that have been convicted of violent manslaughter or worse. You really never know who you are dealing with until you arrest them and stricter measures need to be enforced.

This is exactly why we need to build a wall on our Southern Border with Mexico, increase the number of ICE and Border Patrol agents, deploy more National Guard troops to the Border and really start working hard to secure our Border and deport ALL of these illegal aliens posthaste

If someone is willing to callously strangle two canines, what do you think they will do to you? Or your children? Do you think someone like that will care about stealing your identity or engaging in welfare fraud? No. Hell no, in fact. Someone who would choke two dogs would definitely participate in a hit-and-run. Hit-and-runs among the illegal alien population are very common and that was Jerry Brown’s reason for wanting to give them all a Drivers License so that they stop driving away after running someone over…Wouldn’t deporting them be a better idea Jerry?

This is yet another preventable tragedy that should never have occurred and unless we get smart this November and elect more people to help the Trump agenda get through, then we are most likely doomed to keep seeing these horrifying incidents perpetrated by illegal aliens. Build the wall, deport them all. RIP to those two very brave dogs.


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