VIDEO: CA School-Officer body slammed, students cheer, post it on social media…

The description of the video says:

A high school resource officer trying to break up an altercation at a football game was practically tackled himself. The Banning Police Department in California says cell phone video of the incident shows a 17-year-old student picking the officer up and throwing him to the ground. Authorities say the officer was trying to detain the teen while breaking up an altercation at the game.

I was trying to look for the original video but I was unable to find it, so we have to settle with the Inside Edition report on it:

Welcome to the City of Banning, California. The city that has a violent crime rate above the California violent crime rate, which is already above the national median for violent crime…So is it any wonder they have extremely disrespectful youth that cheer when a police officer gets viciously bodyslammed and almost knocked out for trying break up an altercation?

A solid fall like that right to the back of the head can send someone into a coma or worse…


One Youtuber noted that the way the kid slammed the officer was similar to a martial arts move that can have a devastating impact on the body. You can clearly see the Officer was very disoriented after he fell. I have seen videos where people are outright knocked out when falling like that. My brother once broke his leg in several places when his friend took him down in a similar fashion while they were wrestling. Very glad the officer was able to get back to his feet after this.

This is just typical of the California Culture and the disrespect towards our Law Enforcement that is even being pushed by our own public officials. Universities in California are breeding grounds for “activists”(socialists) that viciously hate the police and spread anti-cop rhetoric to the youth.


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