Since Friday, RGV Border Patrol arrest and detain 9 MS13 members…

EDINBURG, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Rio Grande Valley Sector continue to arrest Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang members.

Since Friday, agents arrested nine Salvadoran nationals that are confirmed MS-13 gang members. Among those identified is a woman traveling with her eight-year-old child.

This is just in the Rio Grande Valley sector of the Border…There are many other areas for MS13 or other gang members to illegally enter our country all along our 1,954 mile border with Mexico; However, the Rio Grande Valley remains among the most heavily traversed sector due to the wide river and thick brush making it difficult for Border agents to secure the area.


READ Several MS13 members arrested trying enter country illegally

This is why we need to further increase our Border Security, especially in the form of physical barriers. Walls work. There is a reason just about every human domicile in the world has walls, walls keep undesirable things out. Countries need walls as well when they are being invaded by hordes of illegal aliens.

Especially illegal aliens like these gang members that have zero intent on coming here and becoming productive citizens…these MS13 members are entering the country to cause havoc and mayhem, to participate in the illegal drug market and human trafficking organizations. To intimidate, extort, racketeer, steal, rape and kill Americans and other immigrants.

I really hate to have to make this issue political, there was never really a time in our country where both sides of the political spectrum didn’t at least talk about increasing border security, even if they never actually did anything about it. And now we have one side, the Trump-GOP wanting Border Security, and the other side the Liberal-Progressive/NeverTrumpers that want to tear down our borders and destroy our country forever.

Indeed, Bill Clinton, Hillary, Obama, Schumer and many other Democrats were actively calling for enhanced border security for years, again, even if they didn’t mean it, the voters still responded very positively to it, on both sides. The Democrats have shifted so far to the Left now that their base is actively calling for Open Borders and their politicians are even talking about abolishing the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

That is turning off level headed Americans and I truly believe people are in fact fleeing the Democrat party in droves. We will find out this November as Americans will decide whether they want a prosperous economy and a safe country, or if they want austerity, recession and crime pouring across the border. The choice is pretty obvious. #RedWave


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