CA Border Patrol agent helps deliver healthy American baby girl

“This is truly an outstanding depiction of the humanitarian side of our officers, as well as their ability to retain their composure under pressure when faced with an emergency medical situation occurring in a busy port of entry setting,” -Area Port Director David Salazar.

“Being prepared and having officers equipped with basic first responder skills enabled this young woman to deliver a healthy baby girl.”

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers received a radio call to assist a 25-year-old United States citizen, who was about to give birth while in a car parked in the inspection lanes with no room to maneuver out. Within minutes, a CBP officer trained as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), responded to the scene and began providing medical assistance to the woman and delivered a healthy American baby girl.


Border Patrol agents rescue illegal alien female near death -Breitbart Texas

Our Border Patrol agents are heroes that are always ready to arrest or rescue a person. You truly never know what you will face as a Border Agent and they are the unsung heroes in the fight to take our country back. They work day and night to protect this country from threats and rescue people who are in distress. They are an absolutely invaluable asset to our nation.

It is truly a shame that people attack our Border Patrol agents and pretend that they are racist Waffen-SS troops that are tossing Mexican babies in concentration camps. Even if that would have been a Mexican woman that was about to give birth, the Border Patrol still would have helped. As they once helped a pregnant woman in distress and they were pelted with rocks thrown by illegal aliens during the rescue…

Our Border Patrol, CBP and ICE agents are certainly not paid enough and they all deserve a raise. They are the frontline soldiers, and first-responders, of the United States of America. God Bless our immigration agents. Heroes.


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