Several MS13 members arrested trying to illegally enter country.

In separate incidents over the last few days, the U.S. Border Patrol intercepted and detained 4 MS13 members trying to illegally enter the country, and one 18th Street gang member!

On Friday, agents assigned to the McAllen station arrested two MS-13 gang members in separate incidents. Both men are Salvadoran nationals and their record checks revealed affiliation to the gang. The subjects also have prior orders of removal.


Later that evening, Rio Grande City agents apprehended a group of four illegal aliens near La Grulla, Texas. During record checks, agents discovered that one of the Salvadoran men has a prior removal order, an affiliation to the MS-13 gang, and an extensive criminal history.

The Nassau County Police Department arrested the man for intimidating a witness, resisting arrest, assault-intent to cause physical injury with a weapon, and disorderly conduct. The man has an active warrant for violating his probation for the crimes listed.

Then, Kingsville agents apprehended a Guatemalan national near Armstrong, Texas, in a group of 16 illegal aliens. During processing, the man’s record checks confirmed his affiliation to the 18th Street gang. His records revealed two prior removal orders as well as an extensive criminal background.

He had been arrested and convicted of multiple crimes such as felony assault, unlawful use of a weapon and menacing, unlawful possession of methamphetamine, probation violation/disorderly conduct, and disorderly conduct 2nd degree.

TUCSON, Ariz. –Nogales Border Patrol Station agents arrested a previously deported Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang member from Honduras after he re-entered the United States illegally with a group of other illegal aliens Saturday evening west of Nogales.

Agents patrolling west of Nogales apprehended four illegal aliens from Honduras in a remote mountainous area shortly after they illegally crossed the border through the desert.

The group was transported to the Nogales Station for further processing where agents discovered one of the individuals, 35-year-old Reyes Guzman-Umanzor, is affiliated with the dangerous MS-13 street gang. Records also revealed Guzman has been removed from the country for previous immigration violations, subsequent to arrests for DUI and drug possession.

Guzman faces criminal prosecution for re-entry after removal and will remain in custody pending a legal disposition in his case.

The remaining three illegal aliens arrested with Guzman have previous immigration violations and removals from the U.S. and will face additional charges.

THIS IS THE TRUMP EFFECT. Please read my other articles about how many MS13 members are being removed from the country and it isn’t just illegal gang members Trump and Sessions are targeting, but domestic gangs as well!

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Meanwhile, the Democrats fight for MS13 to stay in the country and call them fine people that have the ‘spark of divinity’ according to Nancy Pelosi. President Trump drew criticism when he called MS13 “animals”, referring to the savage nature in which they brutally kill their enemies. How anyone could criticize Trump for speaking the truth about a vicious transnational gang is beyond me.

Let’s just do everything we can to support Republicans in November because if the Democrats take back the House or Senate they are going to move to cut down on ICE agents, cut Border Security and invite in tens of thousands of violent illegal aliens. We cannot allow that to happen! Vote for Trump supporters this November.


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