Over 100 illegal workers arrested in Texas ICE raid!!

“Businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens create an unfair advantage over their competing businesses,” -Special Agent in Charge Katrina W. Berger, Homeland Security Investigations Dallas.

“In addition, they take jobs away from U.S. citizens and legal residents, and they create an atmosphere poised for exploiting their illegal workforce.”


SUMNER, Texas — As part of an ongoing criminal investigation, special agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) executed criminal search warrants at a North Texas business.

HSI also arrested more than 100 company employees on federal immigration violations who were unlawfully working in the United States at the trailer-manufacturing business.

This ongoing investigation began when HSI received information that the company may have knowingly hired illegal aliens, and that many of the aliens employed at Load Trail were using fraudulent identification documents.

ICE will determine, through a series of evaluations and interviews, if those arrested remain in custody or are considered for humanitarian release.  In all cases, all illegal aliens encountered will be fingerprinted and processed for removal from the United States.

We have been seeing a deluge of ICE arrests pertaining to illegal alien workers that have stolen social security numbers and the identities of U.S. citizens, and often times their employer knowingly hired the illegal aliens so they could take advantage of a cheap workforce and undercut their competition.

This is an epidemic that has been plaguing our country for decades and it wasn’t until Donald Trump was elected President that a very serious effort to crackdown on businesses that exploit illegal labor.



Pray for Donald Trump and all of the men and women of our amazing immigration agencies and Homeland Security! You people are doing a great job and we the people support you!


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