Illegal Alien sentenced for assaulting Border Patrol agent with rock.

“The U.S. Border Patrol will not tolerate assaults on agents,” -Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez.

“Let this be a stark warning to others that if you assault one of our agents, we will aggressively pursue charges against you.”

CALEXICO, Calif. – A man apprehend by El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents will serve time in prison for assaulting an agent in March.

Jose Perdomo, a 29-year-old citizen of El Salvador, will serve time in federal prison after being sentenced on Aug. 20, 2018.

8-28-18 Jose Perdomo.jpg

On March 7, 2018, agents suspected Perdomo illegally entered the United States near the New River, just west of Calexico.  While #RESISTING arrest, Perdomo threw a large rock at an agent, hitting him in the arm.  Perdomo, made an effort to abscond back into Mexico, but other agents responded and successfully arrested Perdomo without further incident.

Perdomo was charged with the felony of Assaulting a Federal Officer, pled guilty, and sentenced to 15 months prison and 3 years supervised release.

While I am incredibly happy that this man will be going to federal prison, I must say that a 15-month sentence in a U.S. prison(some of the nicest and cleanest in the world) seems like a fairly light sentence for someone who entered the country illegally and then assaulted a federal agent with a large rock…

Rocks are dangerous, and even deadly weapons, in the Medieval days it was not uncommon at all for people to be killed by large stones being dropped on their heads while they tried to scale castle walls. In various parts of the Third World, we still often see mobs of protesters grab rocks as their weapon of choice and hurl them at law enforcement. Some barbaric governments even still use “stonings” as legitimate forms of execution.

Ask yourself, as someone living inside of the United States of America, if you hurled a large rock at a police officer, what would happen? In all likelihood you would be gunned down in a hail of bullets, and justifiably so in my opinion. Assault on law enforcement officers, even when committed by “unarmed” individuals, must be met with deadly force.

This may surprise some people out there, but even someone who does not have a gun can still kill you. Shocker, I know, but even lacking a weapon, a solid blow to the head from a fist or a strangulation could cause your death. If someone threw a large rock at you, that hit you, and you felt they had the intent to do you great bodily harm, you should be able to safely open fire…

Of course, for some insane reason, except if you are a Border Agent in the United States working one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet…They are constantly assaulted by rocks or fists and rarely do they use deadly force as a response. Because that is how restrained our Border Agents actually are, that they are dealing with some of the hardest criminals on the face of the Earth and they still open fire less often than regular police do.



SERIOUSLY, God Bless the men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol that work 24/7 to protect our borders. Thank God we elected Donald Trump for President and he is finally sending them all the help they need to secure our nation! We sincerely appreciate and love you guys!


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