VIDEO: Israeli commando arms and trains South African farmers.

I have been following the situation in South Africa on my free time for quite a while now. I wanted to write about it here and there, especially about the new racially based laws passed recently that aim to confiscate land from White farmers without compensation. However, it just seemed kind of far away and not a situation many Americans were even aware of, that is until the President decided to get involved…

He simply tweeted about it….but that set off an absolute firestorm across the political spectrum. Many media outlets rushed to accuse the President of taking up a “White Nationalist” conspiracy theory, others said there simply is nothing going on in South Africa that needs our attention.


Vox is a horrible media outlet.

Look, I am not a “White man”. My parents came to this country from Mexico, but what America taught me was that racism and discrimination are abhorrent, against any group of people. And yes that includes racism against White people as well.

The Left has recently been spewing extremely sick rhetoric against Whites that convinces people that not only is it OK to be racist towards Whites, but that it should be commended! They made hating White people into a virtue and it downright sickens me. The Left celebrates when white people are oppressed and attacked whether it’s white people in America, Europe, Australia or South Africa.

It’s a bit odd that the supposed White Supremacists and the South African Government actually have one thing in common, their disdain of the Jewish State of Israel.

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So there is a connection between Israel and South Africa, some 40,000 Jews settled there, many actually converted to Christianity over time. In 2014, one Jewish man that was a South African citizen had gone to fight for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and he was threatened with prosecution from the South African government on behalf of a pro-Palestinian advocacy group…

So one Israeli commando took the situation into his own hands and he is showing solidarity for his friends in South Africa:

I think that is so awesome and very inspirational. Let’s hope we see more people like him in the world.


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