Judge dismissed illegal alien’s ACLU lawsuit against pro-ICE sheriff

“Sheriff Driscoll stated that it was his understanding that state law required the jail to cooperate with federal authorities and honor ICE detainer requests.”


ARIZONA – Coconino County, population 139K, located in the north central part of Arizona, has one of the coolest Sheriffs in the United States! Why? Because when he arrests illegal aliens wanted by Federal authorities, he makes sure to hold them and allow our United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to process and deport these illegal aliens.


Coconino County Sheriff Jim Driscoll is an American patriot that is dedicated to ensuring the safety of his county and his country by enforcing U.S. immigration law to the fullest extent possible. He institutes a strict policy of detaining illegal aliens after they have posted bond for up to 48 hours so ICE has time to take them into custody.

Well of course this triggered Liberal activist groups and the ACLU filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of illegal aliens that have been arrested in Coconino County and held so that ICE can investigate them.


Guillermo Tenorio-Serrano was arrested by the Arizona Department of Public Safety on Dec. 11, 2017, on the charge of driving under the extreme influence of intoxicating liquor.

At the time of his arrest, this illegal alien drunkard blew .203 and .195 during a breath test. He was taken to the Coconino County Detention Facility.

The next day the Department of Homeland Security, through ICE, sent a detainer and a warrant for Tenorio-Serrano to the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office. The detainer stated that there was probable cause to believe that Tenorio-Serrano was a removable alien and requested that the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office maintain custody of him for a period not to exceed 48 hours beyond the time he would otherwise be released in order for ICE officers to take custody of him.

So that meant that even if Serrano posted bond, he could still be held by the Sheriff due to the active ICE detainer and warrant. This prompted the ACLU to file the lawsuit on the grounds that it violated the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article 2, Section 8, of the Arizona Constitution…even though this man is an illegal alien and should not have such legal standing!

We need to stop allowing these liberal adovcacy groups to tie up our court system for a bunch of illegal aliens when the judicial system of the United States was created for the citizens of this country, not for millions of foreigners just because the Democrats need more votes…

Well the good news is that after legal briefing and oral argument, U.S. District Court Judge David G. Campbell ruled against the ACLU and Mr. Tenorio-Serrano on July 5.

“Judge Campbell noted that the sheriff would face serious hardship if the court ordered him to refrain from complying with ICE detainers. The judge further noted that an injunction would interfere with Sheriff Driscoll’s judgment as an elected official, would interfere with the Arizona Legislature’s policy determination that Arizona should cooperate with federal immigration enforcement and might interfere with Arizona’s interest in preventing unlawful immigration as specifically recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court,”

Guillermo Tenorio-Serrano has been deported back to Mexico.

On Aug. 20, Judge Campbell dismissed the plaintiff’s lawsuit.


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