GDP growth estimates for Q3 at 4.6%


There is no denying that Donald Trump’s economic policies are having a very positive effect on the U.S. economy. In fact, just last quarter, the U.S. economy had a quarterly growth of 4.1%, a very ‘yuge’, very fantastic, according to Trump ‘never before seen in the history of numbers’ numbers. Well now, according to the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s latest estimate, the U.S. economy is estimated to grow by 4.6%

gdpnow-forecast-evolution.gifAccording to the chart, the GDP growth estimate for Q3 2018 has flirted with 5%.


Stupid racist, wingnut, Republican, climate-change denying CaliConservative! Everybody knows that the economy is only growing due to the sound economic polices of the Obama administration! Racist bLumpf has only enriched himself and his cronies as he tosses Mexican babies into ICE concentration camps and then golfs on their ashes!

Woah, CaliLiberal, when did you get in here? I thought I smelled medical marijuana and welfare in the air. Did you hear that they are currently estimating Donald Trump’s economic growth at almost 5%?! That is fantastic, well I mean, not for you because you don’t have a job, but hey think about this, now all those people your begging for change will actually have more to give you!

Pffft! I get enough in welfare! Keep your breadcrumbs! Our dear Leader Nancy Pelosi told me I need not worry about our stupid economy! Hell we want to wreck it anyway as part of our plan to ‘fix’ America! Down with Capitalism! Hey hey, ho ho, GDP has got to go, hey hey, ho ho, economic growth has got to go! Abolish ICE now! No Borders! No Wall! No USA at all! Mueller, Stormy and Omarosa are coming!

Oh yeah CaliLiberal, keep spouting that extremist nonsense and tabloid gossip while President Trump achieves some truly astounding results in regards to economic growth! There is an old political saying, “It’s the economy stupid!” well we should update it to, “It’s the economy libtard!”, because right now they are the only ones that are #RESISTING all of this growth and prosperity! 2020 is looking good for Trump!

*CaliLiberal scoffs and runs away crying*

See you in November!


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