Foreigners from all over the world illegally voted in U.S. elections…


Russia influenced our election in favor of Donald Trump? Well, I don’t see any overwhelming evidence for that yet, but the Justice Department did find enough evidence to charge foreign nationals from Germany, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic, Korea, Haiti, Poland and other parts of the world with illegally voting in our elections…

According to FOX News:

Some of them were charged in an indictment handed down by a federal grand jury in Wilmington, N.C. They were accused of filing a false claim of citizenship in order to register, and then voting.

Others were charged separately for illegally voting.

Of course, the Liberal media would rather have you believe that voter fraud literally does not exist…or that it happens so rarely that no one should be concerned about it. Well the obvious question is how do we know voter fraud is not a problem, if there was never a real investigation into illegal voting until Trump?

Even with electronic voter fraud, which has existed for decades, it was a little talked about problem until now. I have seen more people speaking up about voter fraud in the last 2 years than they did during the last 15 years that is for sure.

Indeed it seemed most politicians on both sides of the aisle were keen to keep sweeping instances of voter fraud right under the rug, but to me it does seem like Democrats engage in voter fraud much more often than Republicans do, especially now.

Barack Obama famously told those with illegal alien family members that they need to ‘vote for them’, and that it is even more important for someone with illegal alien relatives to vote. And when a young girl asked him about ‘undocumented immigrants being afraid to vote’, he didn’t outright challenge that notion and tell her that they should indeed be afraid to vote and they shouldn’t do it.

By the way, It is an absolute myth that Obama engaged in true “mass deportations”, because we were seeing a record number of people enter the country, so the amount leaving was offset by the amount arriving.

Plus many were being granted a lawful status that didn’t deserve one, or a tourist visa and then overstayed the visa, thereby becoming illegal aliens. Pretty much nothing was done about the problem and some people who overstayed their visa were even able to become citizens…

We have nearly 13.2 million Lawful Permanent Residents that are not allowed to vote, add another 13-20 million illegal aliens that are also not allowed to vote…but restrictions on them voting up until now have been few and far between. If a few million of them all attempted to vote at once there would be little in the way to stop them. Especially in places like California where voter fraud is the most rampant.


You don’t even just have illegal voting, you also have poll workers who might throw away or otherwise purposefully miscount’s a very messy situation that is just now starting to be sorted out thanks to Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions.

Investigations into illegal voting have been incredibly rare and convictions of illegal voting even rarer…so these 19 foreign nationals being charged with illegal voting is a welcome sight and let’s hope we continue to see arrests of people that wish to taint our elections…while MSNBC chases the phantom of “Russia Collusion” they ignore the real instances of voter fraud staring them in the face, that is why they lose and Trump wins.


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