Mexican drug tunnel hidden inside Arizona KFC restaurant…

There is something absolutely incredible going on in regards to the war on drugs and crime. We are starting to see just how widespread and sophisticated the criminal element is in America. Especially regarding the Mexican Drug Cartels. With Donald Trump at the helm we are finally making a real effort to combat the drug problem that has plagued the United States for nearly 40 years…

I am sure by now everyone is familiar with hugely popular AMC show Breaking Bad, however, if you are not, basically it is about a chemistry teacher who finds out he has terminal cancer. With his death now rapidly approaching, he decides to use his chemistry abilities to “cook”(produce) methamphetamine.

He eventually rises so high in the drug industry that he joins up with a highly sophisticated cartel-affiliated drug operation. That operation used the distribution network of a string of fried chicken restaurants to help move their product across the country…

Well it turns out that isn’t entirely based on fiction…

Yes, concealed inside a KFC restaurant in Arizona was a tunnel stretching from Mexico into the United States allegedly used by drug smugglers to bring a variety of drugs into the country. Homeland Security Investigations and Yuma Sector Border Patrol are reporting that meth, cocaine and heroin were smuggled through this tunnel and onto Arizona streets.

Authorities found out about the tunnel when they pulled over a man named Ivan Lopez, who was discovered with a massive stash of drugs:

“[He had] over 118 kilograms of methamphetamine, over six kilograms of cocaine, over three kilograms of fentanyl, over 13 kilograms of white heroin and over six kilograms of brown heroin,” said Scott Brown, a Homeland Security Investigations special agent. “Just the three kilograms of fentanyl translates to over 3 million dosage units.”

The tunnel opening in the building only measured 8 inches in diameter. Authorities believe smugglers used ropes to bring drugs up from the tunnel.

So that means that people were not exiting the tunnel on the U.S. side, they were most likely walking through the tunnel from Mexico, then when they would get underneath the KFC, they would probably make contact with someone above to pull up the drugs as an 8-inch opening is not wide enough to squeeze people through.

It’s unclear how long the tunnel was in operation before authorities discovered the sophisticated drug operation.




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