Another War Criminal stripped of U.S. citizenship!!

I hope everyone is paying attention right now because we are starting to see something huge going on. Well it started last year very quietly with tens of thousands of sealed indictments the Department of Justice had cooking up, but now it is all starting to go down! This is only the beginning, perhaps this is why the Mainstream media is talking about Michael Cohen and Omarosa?

Yes another war criminal that was hiding out in the United States has been denaturalized and stripped of his fraudulently obtained United States citizenship!

The court held that defendant Edin Dzeko, a native of the former Yugoslavia, procured his U.S. citizenship illegally and by concealment of material facts and willful misrepresentation. The court’s order was based, in part, on Dzeko’s admission that he misrepresented and concealed his military service on immigration forms and lied while under oath at his naturalization interview.

“War criminals are not entitled to safe haven in the United States, and we will not allow individuals who commit such atrocities to take advantage of our immigration system,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Chad A. Readler.

“This case sends the message that the Department will remain resolute in our commitment to prosecute those who seek to gain, or


Dzeko in a Bosnian court.

Dzeko, 46, was part of an elite unit of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina that attacked the village of Trusina in April 1993, in what is known as the Trusina massacre. The unit allegedly targeted Bosnian Croats who resided in the village because of their Christian religion and Croat ethnicity, killing 22 unarmed individuals including women and the elderly.

A Bosnian court previously found that Dzeko played a key role in the massacre, serving as part of a firing squad that executed six unarmed prisoners of war and civilians. Dzeko was admitted to the United States as a refugee before naturalizing in 2006…So again, just like the case of the Ethiopian man, you have no real vetting going system and no real attempt to strip them of their citizenship for lying during their naturalization process.

Trump called some of them rapists? Hell some of them are actual war criminals! That alone is enough to severely limit the amount of refugees entering our country right now.

Dzeko was extradited from the United States in 2011 to Bosnia and Herzegovina to face trial for his crimes, of which he was acquitted of many, but sentenced to 10 years in prison. Imagine that he was most likely going to retain his citizenship if a Hillary Department of Justice would have became a thing…

Not only did we just see a real life Nazi deported back to Germany to face justice at the ripe old age of 95 after living in the U.S. for decades…but we also saw a smaller, less talked about, event that I wrote about where an Ethiopian man that participated in the Marxist-Leninist conflict called the “Ethiopian Red Terror” was stripped of his fraudulently obtained U.S. citizenship.

He also entered the country as a refugee.

Trump is deporting real war criminal, true human rights violators, some of the nastiest people that have ever lived…and they were walking among us this entire time! Very scary thought, but glad something is finally being done about it!

So strap yourselves in boys, girls, and gender non-conforming Liberals, because that Swamp is about to start draining so fast your head is going to spin around like an SJW being exposed to logic.


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