Ethiopian Marxist arrested for fraudulently obtaining U.S. citizenship


I don’t think many Americans understand that over the course of the last 30 years the United States became a safe haven for Human Rights abusers and even former warlords. People who killed, tortured, or persecuted tens of thousands of people, escaping justice by hiding out in the United States, taking advantage of our broken immigration system.

And who can blame them? We basically left the door wide open and the naturalization process in America is a total and absolute joke! You see all this man had to do was lie during his application process to enter our precious country and eventually obtain a citizenship!

There was no real investigation into his background until now. Thank you President Trump.

According to the Department of Justice, Mergia Negussie Habteyes, aged 58, lied to U.S. immigration officials to enter the United States as a refugee, he then went about obtaining lawful permanent-resident status, and ultimately he did obtain a U.S. citizenship…all based on lies.

You see they basically ask if you ‘have ever committed a crime that you were never arrested for’ and ‘have you ever persecuted anyone based on political opinion’, all he had to was say no and boom he was in our country for decades…

According to the indictment, Negussie served as a “civilian interrogator”(using extremely enhanced interrogation techniques)in the Higher 3 prison in Ethiopia in the late 1970s, during a period known as the Red Terror. In which some estimates say 500,000 people died…and the event lead to a terrible famine in the 1980’s…

People were rounded up and herded into churches where the churches were then set on fire…this was all happening because the Emperor of Ethiopia was deposed in the 1970’s and several Leninist-Marxist groups started competing for control over the country, most notable among them the communist organization called the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party…

In that role, Negussie is alleged to have participated in the persecution, through brutality, of individuals imprisoned because of their political opinion…Thank God he was finally arrested.

READ man had his citizenship stripped for lying during the naturalization process almost 20 years ago…

While this is all certainly amazing news that these people are being rounded up and we should definitely be celebrating the securing of our country, you must ask yourself this Question: “How many other people have done what Mergia did to fraudulently enter the United States?”

It is just now that we are starting to see these people investigated and arrested for some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. You can start to understand just how severe the immigration problem is when you add up those that lied to fraudulently enter the country, with those that have illegally entered the country through other methods like unlawful border crossings.

It’s gonna take one hell of a fight to take back our country, and it just so happens we have one hell of a fighter in President Trump! #BuildTheWall #DeportEmAll


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