ICE detains illegal alien while driving pregnant wife to hospital…because he’s wanted for murder

The Liberal media went into a frenzy yesterday when the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency detained and arrested a man, Joel Arrona Lara, that was driving his pregnant wife to the hospital…

Oh my Gaia how can racist Drumpf and his Nazi soldiers be allowed to do this!

And of course because the Liberal media rushes and simply doesn’t fact check anymore before publishing stories, they left out a very important part of this story.

In almost every single media publication, the fact that he is wanted for murder was totally omitted.

This was the pre-edited version of one of the articles:

It describes the Trump administration as having “no respect for decency and basic human rights”..

I’m sorry, but when did murdering another human beings become a basic human right? Oh right, when Libs decided abortion is OK.

So it’s a violation of this ILLEGAL ALIEN’s rights to get arrested for murder? Yeah well I guess this is rather upsetting for the Left, after seeing the way Kate Steinle’s murderer escaped justice…

The man has an outstanding warrant in Mexico for murder…yet the New York Times headline from TODAY also omitted that fact.

They make it sound like ICE callously arrested a random person while he was doin nothin’ but driving his pregnant wife to the hospital!!

This is pure propaganda and desperate attempts to make it seem like the Trump administration is rounding up immigrants at random…

His Spanish speaking wife is very upset and demanded that he be allowed to stay in the country. “He needs to be here!” she told the dumb media.

I’m glad ICE was able to carry out this arrest effectively, but I am upset that he was allowed to be in the country for so long and allowed to have these anchor babies.

You see his wife already has 5 children in the United States….wtf!

How long has he been wanted for murder in Mexico that he was able to get married and have children?

Its unclear how many of the 5 children this lady has belong to the illegal alien wanted for murder, but the fact that she was even having one of his babies is a travesty.

He doesnt belong here, I am glad he will be deported, I hope he gets a long prison sentence in Mexico and I hope his family moves over there to be with him so they dont have to be separated.

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    Fake news – just calm down – there was no em-er- gencie. A “C” section is a scheduled procedure. She planned it. No big deal.
    Lighten up and fly right.
    The ICE officers are your friends. They are trying to keep you, the journalist, from being killed.


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