55 times the media was wrong about Donald Trump.

About 350 newspapers recently colluded with each other to run editorials that all cohesively denounce President Trump for daring to call them the “enemy of the people”…

Gee I would think that if you are trying not to look like the enemy of the people, perhaps you would avoid conspiring with other newspapers to all print the same message…

President Trump is the first President in a long time that is actually helping the common, everyday folk of this vast country of ours. Past Presidents made a habit of speaking directly to the people while campaigning for office, but then only working for and speaking to the upper-classes once they got into office.

It isn’t just Trump that faces that wrath of the Liberal media, every politician that leans Conservative has had a hard time currying favor with the media. Bush was absolutely obliterated by the media, and what did he do about it? NOTHING!

Trump figured out that there is no point in currying favor with the Liberal media and in fact what you need to do is hammer them and call them out for all of the lies and dumb talking points that they spread. Before Trump the media ALWAYS had Republicans on the defensive and they dictated the battlefield.

We were always engaging them in their arena, on their turf, using their stupid playbook while they flagrantly violate their own rules all the time and just laugh at us while we dance and squirm trying to avoid being called Nazis and KKKs, both groups that were invented by Leftists and Democrats!

Trump flips the Liberal playbook right back on them, holds them to their own unrealistic standards of political correctness and he doesn’t ever play by their rules. That is why is he such a force in politics. Truly perhaps the greatest politician, or statesman, of our generation.

That is why the Left-wing Democrats hate him and are using their media arm(propaganda machine) to conspire to attack Trump! Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of them right now!

The reason why they must constantly lie is because they really have no real mistakes or errors to point at when it comes to Trump. When you look at George W. Bush, the Left had a ton of serious mistakes and truly monumental blunders to point at and say “Maybe you elected the wrong person…”

But with President Trump they have absolutely no real failures or mistakes to point at, so they have to lie and make stuff up about Trump to scare gullible people into voting against him. The only problem with that plan is that now we have millions of patriots on the internet calling out the BS of the Liberal media and fact checking the “factcheckers”.

So let me wrap up this rant and just get right into the top 55(in my opinion) lies spread by Liberals about Trump so far:


This one is my favorite. It’s the insane idea that Donald Trump will get us all killed, either through some type of nuclear war or arresting everyone and sending them to concentration camps…


















This myth seems to have been pushed into the mainstream by Liberal Jabba the Hutt aka Michael Moore. Here he is spreading the conspiracy on Facebook about a month after the election:


The Liberal media is CONSTANTLY having Michael Moore on their shows as some sort of authority on current events…Why don’t they ask him if he still believes Trump will get us all killed? Or if by “killed” did he mean wealthy and powerful again? Because that seems to be the only thing Trump is doing to America right now.

54. “Trump raped an underaged girl”newsweek.jpg

I still hear Liberals bring this up every now and then, and it’s still a frequent talking point of anti-Trumpers that “Blumph was accused of raping a little girl!”…Which is an absolute lie!

What a coincidence that this lawsuit, filed after Trump decided to run for office(no surprise) by an anonymous person (no surprise), and it was withdrawn the day of the election(no surprise)…why? Because it had already served its purpose as propaganda throughout the year.

We have learned that Liberals care little for the facts and details and only care for the salacious accusations.

53. “Trump said all Mexicans are rapists!”

This one still persists to this day, a full 3 years after Trump made his now legendary speech announcing his bid for President. This is one lie that isn’t going away any time soon…


52. “Trump removed MLK Bust”

This one was right at the beginning of the Trump Presidency and certainly one of the most famous lies of the so called “free press”. TIME reporter claimed that Donald Trump had callously removed the MLK bust from Oval Office as one of his first acts as President…

Making Trump seem like some kind of racist…Of course Trump hadn’t removed the MLK bust, he had simply brought the Churchill one, that Obama had removed, back to Oval Office.

But TIME magazine was lying, as no MLK busts have been harmed during the Making of America Great Again:


51. Gawker piece claims Trump is going to quit and won’t become President…


Is anyone really wondering why all the tech giants are failing? It’s because they are totally out of touch with what average normal people are thinking.

50. NYT claims Trump is wrong about California wasting precious water…


Yes, it’s no secret that California has been dumping millions of gallons of water into the ocean for no real reason, especially when the state was telling us that we were in a severe drought…I guess millions of gallons of stored fresh water doesn’t fit the narrative of a severe drought…

49. Marketwatch Opinion: Trump campaign is “dying” 2016

screen-23.53.13[16.08.2018].pngOh yeah Trumps campaign totally died and he never became President and Shillary is our President now and everyone is gay and happy…Well at least that is how the Liberals suffering from Trump Anxiety Disorder feel…

48. “Why Trump will never make the ballot”


Ouch! How did that prediction work out Stuart? You asked “Why would The Donald risk looking like a loser?” and the answer was pretty obvious, he wouldn’t. He knew he was going to win.

You couldn’t have been more wrong Stuart…Sure I thought Roy Moore would win in Alabama, and I truly thought Marine Le Pen would win in France, I was wrong. However, these people weren’t just wrong, they were outright lying, they were all colluding to run the same narrative.

47. CNBC Kudlow’s Corner predicts Trump “will hurt the economy”


Ask anyone(except a rabid Liberal-Democrat) how they feel about Trump’s economy and 9 out of 10 people will tell you they feel good about it. Many people who are not “Trump supporters” by any measure can admit the obvious fact that the U.S. economy is doing better than it ever has!

46. NYT op-ed “Mr. Trump’s Losing Economic Game Plan”screen-23.48.28[16.08.2018]screen-23.48.35[16.08.2018]

President Trump had a fantastic tax plan and sound economic policy almost from the very beginning of his bid to become President. The economy was actually one of the few subjects that Trump had expanded on in great detail as to what he would do as President.

No wonder Trump calls the media the New York Times a “failing media organization” and fake news.

45. The WashingtonPost proclaims ‘The end of Trump’ in April of 2016…


Who keeps reading a media source after it has been wrong so many times? Liberals. I read an article that claimed that “the media issues corrections all the time, it’s a totally normal part of journalism”…

Yeah sure, a simple correction like spelling errors, maybe a date or location error is fine, but these are outright LIES. That are cohesively being spread by multiple major media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, NYT and others.

The reason these media companies created an “opinions” section was simply so they had an area to run their true feelings while still giving themselves a bit of distance from the extreme viewpoint.

Which brings me to this next WaPo “opinions”…

44. WaPo “Yes, half of Trump supporters are racist”


This goes right with Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” remarks, and it’s extreme viewpoints like this emanating from the Liberal media that has turned off many people from their movement. #WalkAway #RepublicansAreNotRacist #TrumpIsntARacist

43. PBS expands on and agrees with Obama’s ‘magic wand’ comments


Looks like Trump’s magic wand was bigger than Obama’s wand, or should I say Michelle Obama’s magic wand, as we know she wore the pants in that relationship. And not by choice she needed the pants to support her massive package.


Haha, jokes aside(and I don’t harbor any animosity against Michelle Obama *virtue signal*) Barack Obama and his little sycophants in the media were utterly wrong about Trump and the economy numerous times and good for me, because it will help fill up this list.

42. POLITICO’s “GOP insiders”screen-00.22.52[17.08.2018].png

What “GOP insiders” what POLITICO talking to for this beauty in 2016? Probably some trolls on 4Chan as happened quite often to the Liberal media as they were already scraping the barrel for dirt on Trump in 2016…that continues in 2018 as we see Omarosa and Stormy Daniels have become the champions of the Left’s war on Trump…

Desperation is not a good look for them.

41. “Soon it will suck to be Donald Trump”screen-00.28.23[17.08.2018].png

Can anyone define what “soon” means to the Liberals? Because here we are over 2 years later and it looks like it is amazing to be Donald Trump and he will go down in history forever remembered as the legendary President that saved America.

Right now it only sucks to be an anti-Trumper.

40. ‘10,000 people will die annually from tax bill’screen-15.52.20[17.08.2018].png

Wow what a Drama Queen Larry Summers is right? No, people are not dying because of the this tax bill. Summers is trying to spin you up some poo poo flavored cotton candy and I am telling you to please not eat that.

He thinks that because the tax bill effectively repealed the Obamacare individual mandate and people won’t be tyrannically forced to get healthcare at gunpoint that they will all just simply die…

39. WaPo cooks up outrageous Pence attack…


The WashingtonCompost is incredibly guilty of riling up the rabid Liberals that go out and harass Republicans and attack Trump supporters because they think they are fighting the KKK or something…

Geez, after reading this article you would think Mike Pence was the reincarnation of the late Robert Byrd or something…

38. Slate predicts massive Trump recession…


We are further from a recession than we have ever been. Right now the stock market could lost 3,000 points in a single day and it would still be at record highs. It was Obama that prolonged the recovery of the the economy after the 2008 crash with his insane regulations.

The economy has taken off under Trump, the evidence speaks for itself…


37. TheFiscalTimes ‘Trump’s Economic Policies Would Be a Disaster’fakenews1

The title of this article should have been “4 Reason’s to never read The Fiscal Times”. Seriously, I understand free-speech, and freedom of the press 100% and I am for those things to the death, but these media groups are simply propaganda outlets.

I have a strong opinion, but I am only speaking to the facts. I wish I would have had my website running in 2016 because I knew Trump was going to win. His ideas on the economy, that as I said, were laid out very well prior to the election and clearly they would have a positive effect on the economy…as they clearly have…#Trump2020

36. Rolling Stone says Trump is killing the GOP…screen-23.48.55[16.08.2018].png

Can someone forward this to the Republican Party? I don’t think they got the message because Trump not only lead the GOP to a massive victory on November, 8, 2016, but he is more popular with Republicans than any other President…and that approval rating just keeps on ticking upwards…It must suck to be a Liberal.

35. Don’t Panic: Donald Trump Will Never, Ever be President.


Yep, this is why Trump Anxiety Disorder is at all time highs among rabid anti-Trumpers because they were assured Trump would never ever be President. What was their main basis for predicting Trump wouldn’t win?


Yeah and it looks like they still believe that lie that Americans hate Trump even though his approval rating is going up. 2020 is looking good everyone. #Trump2020

34. Don’t Panic, Hillary Clinton will beat Trump…


Again, one only need to look at the positions of the radically Left-Wing people on the editorial boards of some of these media groups. That is why they run “opinions” like this because they want to push a certain narrative that simply was not true…

Trust me, in all of this research, rarely if ever did anyone working for these media giants predict that Donald Trump would win…even a majority of FOX news was against him..

33. Trump calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas is wrong…even though she may not be Native American…


This one is the shining example of how far gone Liberalism is now due to the takeover a political correctness and their insane double-standards. You see, if there was ever a Conservative that was literally pretending to be a race they are not in order to gain financially, there would be an uproar from CNN and MSNBC…

Which as far as I know, no Conservative is that deluded and insane that they think they  can pretend to be a race/ethnicity that they clearly are not…but regardless, she remains a top Democrat contender for the 2020 election…Please let that happen.

32. Trump says Obama was born in America, Lib media says ‘dats racist’screen-17.14.58[17.08.2018].png

Bernie Sanders. How in the hell did that guy become a political figure? Oh right because Liberal politics became all about the oppressed vs the oppressor. Even though no one is actually oppressing them. They see racism where it doesn’t exist and politicians like Sanders fuel propaganda outlets like Mother Jones.

Make no mistake, despite Mother Jones being one of the most racist, dishonest and biased “news” outlets you will ever find on the internet, Democrat congressmen and women have had articles from Mother Jones frequently entered into the record during hearings…It’s basically The Daily Stormer for Black people…

31. Trump gives White Men persmission to be sexist and racist…screen-17.18.39[17.08.2018].png

Now, I know Cosmopolitan is some sort of “fashion magazine”, but like so many of these entertainment outlets, they serve a sinister purpose of politically brainwashed gullible readers who are in a susceptible state of mind due to the sexually images they are seeing.

These fashion magazines and their websites have fairly large audiences and if even a third of their readers are convinced of this insane crap like “Trump gives White Men Permission to be Sexist and Racist”, that is a huge problem in America.

Many of the people reading these magazines are voting…and it’s insane that an organization that runs this cover would ever think they can accuse anyone of spreading sexism and making women into objects:


30. The Guardian claimed Trump wouldn’t win the GOP nomination…


It almost doesn’t get worse than that, not only did they think he had absolutely no shot at becoming President, but they didn’t even think he would win the nomination…Trump was right when he said “you’re gonna get sick of winning” he was talking to these people in the media who said Trump would never win, now he keeps on winning and yeah they are probably sick of it, but I know I am not! 4 more years! 4 more years!

Wow, OK, sorry if my brain is a little fried after 2 days of reading all of this crap!

I feel like I am taking crazy pills by peeking into the mind of the Liberal in their natural habitat.


29. Vox in 2016 predicted GOP would lose Senate because of Trump…


As we all know the GOP cruised to maintain their control over the House and Senate, and numerous gubernatorial positions across the country. Oh yeah and Trump won the White House…Damn it sucks to be a Liberal right now!

28.HuffingtonPost teams up with Karl Rove.


It’s hilarious how the neocons of the Bush era find themselves in the same camp as the radical Liberal media, but honestly they both ultimately have the same goals of totalitarian control over the U.S. so I guess it only makes sense that they openly teamed up…

27. The ‘Donald Trump bragged about sexual assault’ lie…screen-01.12.20[18.08.2018].png

Now we all heard then candidate Trump’s words for ourselves. He did not talk about “Sexually assaulting” women. Sexual Assault is a well defined legal term in many states and not in any one of them does what Trump was talking about qualify as “sexual assault”.

He was talking about the way that women act towards someone that is rich and famous, which is a sad, but true fact. There are many woman out there that are attracted to fame and power, and will let celebrities do what they want. Trump has been around incredibly beautiful women his entire life and rarely was he ever accused of sexual impropriety.

Suddenly, when he decided to run for President, a gaggle of women came forward to accuse Trump of various acts…where are they all now? I wonder.

26. CNN analyst thought Trump didn’t have a plan to beat ISIS…


Yet here we are just 17 months into a Trump presidency and ISIS is near totally destroyed. Funny how all Trump had to do was end the Obama directives of arming ISIS and they just disintegrated…

25. The “Trump made fun of a handicapped reporter” lie


Yes everyone, the WashingtonPost is turning to Meryl Streep for their talking points now…The WashingtonPost should just hire Meryle Streep to be on their editorial board since they apparently have the same opinion as the vapid 69-year old woman with a reported $90 million networth…

No, Trump was not making fun of a reporter, as we saw, Trump ALWAYS makes those funny hand gestures:






24. Trump scrapping Paris Climate Accord will kill us all…


There seems to be a special kind of hysteria the Left reserves for those that dare to deny the modern origins of climate change. Of course we know they first started preaching “global cooling”, but when that didn’t pan out the narrative switched to “global warming”.

I remember watching a special episode of Spongebob that was designed to brainwash children that talked about an “endless summer” that would soon come about due to the dangers of global warming. Yet that didn’t pan out either.

So now they have shifted over to the nebulous term of “Climate Change”. After all, who can deny that the climate changes? If it gets hot or cold, they can still claim victory. Of course we know, because we have common sense, that the climate has changed since the beginning of time.

But try explaining that to the Left and you might wind up getting into an actual physical altercation because these people are hysterically intolerant towards opinions that do not fit their agenda to literally take control of the environment.

I don’t know about you, but after seeing what Liberals have done to Gender, I don’t like the idea of them controlling the environment, no matter how good their intentions are.

Thankful Trump ended this dumb accord because it was doing nothing to cut carbon anyway, because despite the scrapping of the accords, the US under Trump is still leading the world in cutting carbon emissions.

23. NPR declares it’s simply too tough to bring back manufacturing jobs…


Just like the Obama magic wand comments, NPR was trying hard to convince their listeners that it’s simply too difficult for Trump to bring these jobs back to America…Well just like Obama, they were utterly wrong about Trump’s abilities.


This has nothing to do with Trump, I just thought it was funny:


22. FORTUNE says Trump’s tax plan will cost U.S. 11 million jobs…


Yeah that is just entirely untrue, even Trump’s tax plan in 2016 was designed to unleash the American economy and bring these companies back to life by flooding them with cash, their own cash. Unlike Obama who sent government money to stimulate the economy, Trump knew early on that you only need cut taxes and regulations and businesses will be able to pick themselves up.

21. The Guardian, “Trump won’t win and we are on the brink of a Liberal renaissance”


This article is a total joke, not only did Trump win, but the Liberal-Progressive movement is more unpopular than it has ever been. It is simply too intolerant towards diversity of political and social opinion. Where as the Conservative movement has become very tolerant towards an array of diverse opinions and we still maintain a political cohesive focus.

There are so many viral youtube videos of Liberal Social Justice Warriors getting roasted or “owned” as Liberalism has devolved into a total joke and an evolving punchline that each week seems to get more ridiculous than the previous.

20. WashingtonPost oped lays out “Why Donald Trump won’t be elected President”


More “opinions” designed to sway the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. Yet despite Hillary having so many media outlets in her pocket, she still lost the election, and these media outlets that went against Trump and championed Hillary should all be shut down by their readers for misleading them so badly.

The mainstream media is responsible for Trump Anxiety Disorder because they assured these sensitive snowflakes that they had nothing to worry about when it came to Trump…Boy were they wrong.

19. “Trump ignores disabled boy”screen-02.31.01[18.08.2018].png

This one was so dishonest and low and speaks volumes to the lengths that an anti-Trump hitpiece will go just to smear his character. I won’t get into the long boring details of how blatant of a lie this was, the like to dislike ratio of the video speaks for itself, but basically Trump never ignored the child.

In fact, he had spent considerable personal time interacting with him, but that didn’t stop Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling from pushing the lie. She deleted her tweet and issued an apology, but not after hundreds of thousands saw her original lie, with far fewer people seeing the “apology”


18. The “Trump refused to Condemn KKK, David Duke” lie


Oh hey there goes TIME ragazine again! And they might make the list again before this is over, but this one is a pretty big whopper of a lie. Donald Trump condemned the KKK and David Duke over and over and over.

But the dishonest media desperately wants to keep the idea of an army of white supremacists and racists out there, it is simply not true. David Duke hates Israel and Jews, Trump now has a Jewish daughter and sent the biggest ever aid-package to Israel…

And the rise of hate crimes against Jews in America might have a lot more to do with the rise of Islam and the resettling of refugees in America.

17. WaPo “Trump will lose, or I will eat this column”


This doozie comes from a guy named Dana Milbank… He said “Romney is right” and that he will “Literally” eat the page on which that column was printed…Yes he was that sure that Trump was going to lose, “because Americans are better than Trump”


So did Dana eat his own words? Actually yes he did! BUT, he did it in the most douchy, most pretentious, most a-hole possible way of doing it…









He had chefs make the paper into a gourmet meal, really just the hint of the paper. That is what you get when you follow these media outlets. This is what they mean when they say they will “literally” do something…


It’s like when Obama kept saying “Change you can believe in!” then 8 years later he says “I didn’t say change you can believe in tomorrow!”…Insufferable.

16. HuffingtonPost decides 13 examples of Trump racism isn’t enough, ups it to 16…


Then later that year…



And both articles had been updated at later dates…You would think they would have realized that people simply aren’t interesting in these obvious lies like the claims that Trump is a racist. Trump has had minorities around him his entire life!

Time and time again smart people have told the Democrats to stop focusing on this false claim that Trump is a racist because it’s simply unproductive and have gotten the Democrats nowhere, but hey far be it from me to interrupt my enemy while they are making a mistake…

15. WaPo 2015 “Why no one should take Donald Trump Seriously”


And again, this is the reason why Liberals are unable to accept the reality of the Trump Presidency because they had a thousand collective voices telling them there was nothing to worry about and Mama Hillary was gon’ take care of everythin’…

14. Moody’s Analytics says Trump’s plans will cost economy 3.5M jobs…screen-00.39.16[17.08.2018].png

Now, even mainstream media sources admit that Trump created upwards of 1.7 million jobs by December of 2017…The economy is booming by just about every measure. Maybe their 3.5M jobs they are saying Trump will cost us are all the useless government jobs!

13. HuffingtonPost forecasts Hillary will win with 323 Electoral Votes…


Hillary actually ended up losing the election that night with 227 electoral votes…ouch.

12. CNN talks about Trump’s Diet Coke consumption during NYC Terror Attack…





Yes, while this maybe isn’t a lie, though I do think they are wrong on the number of Diet Cokes Trump drinks in a day. I am an avid drinker of Diet Coke and I can maybe drink 8 in a day where I feel like drinking a lot of them.

It’s funny because while you’re watching the video of the woman explaining the health effects of the Diet Coke, you can tell the CNN host is not happy with how soft and truthful she’s being.





11. The Week, ‘Trump poised to lose in biggest landslide ever’


This was a terrible prediction from a guy named Damon Linker over at The Weak, sorry I mean, The Week. The same guy who just wrote this gem about the coming 2018 Midterms:


You know I wasn’t 100% sure where the GOP stood until right now, I am sure they will win in probably the biggest landslide in modern history.

10. ABC’s Brian Ross fired over devastating Trump lie…

Brian Poss over at ABC spun up a major lie about the Trump campaign when he reported that ‘as a candidate, Trump ordered General Flynn to make contact with the Russians…There was only one problem with the story, it actually wasn’t until after Trump was elected President that he told Flynn to make contact with the Russians.

By the time the correction was issued and the dust settled, Brian Ross was fired and the Democrats were left looking like total fools…for the five billionth time….









9. CNN lies about The Mooch.


On June 26, 2017, three network investigative journalists—Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Haris—resigned from CNN after the network retracted a story that falsely connected Scaramucci to a $10 billion Russian investment fund…

In their utter desperation to print anything related to Trump and Russia, CNN ran a total lie about Anthony Scaramucci just so they can attack Trump and connect him to Putin! WOW.

The worst part about this is they know what they are doing, many people saw the original lie, but not many of those people saw the correction…

What makes this even more sinister is the fact that the salacious media outlet Buzzfeed seemed to have no problems hiring of the reporters who ran the fake news story…


8. Rachel Maddow explains how “Trump can’t win”









I’ll just leave this right here…

7. WaPo reporter claims Trump rally is empty…

This one was debunked by the President himself…As you can see there are no lengths the fake media is not willing to go to paint Trump as a disliked villain when in reality he is a well liked hero! He fills up stadiums and inspires millions! The Democrats are going down.




6. CNN’s fishgate


CNN cropped out the Japanese Prime Minister and actually ran with the totally bogus lie that Trump had overfed the fish and thus he somehow disrespected Japan and destroyed our relationship with the country forever because we killed their fish…

Only none of that happened, Trump never overfed the fish, he participated the tradition perfectly and Prime Minister Shinzo was very happy. He is an incredibly leader and a great ally in my opinion.

5.  NYT Trump ‘buried climate change report’screen-21.25.51[18.08.2018].png

This was a humiliating correction because the elite teams at the New York Grimes failed to realize that the report that they were accusing Trump of hiding, yeah it had already been published and uploaded earlier in that year…Or perhaps they knew, but they hoped no one would notice.

4. Buzzfeed published the “Russia Dossier”screen-21.33.05[18.08.2018].png


This sparked a firestorm in the political arena and it was chaos as the Liberal media rushed to report on the salacious content. The “Trump-Russia Dossier” is propaganda written up and funded by the Democratic Party.

It was discovered that a “conservative” group initially started the funding the research, but once they realized there was nothing tangible on Trump, they abandoned the project.

It looked like it was just gonna go away, but along came the DNC and picked up on the phony baloney dossier and pumped tons of money into it. Indeed maybe they were even behind getting Buzzfeed to publish it?

3. Bill Kristol Guarantees Trump won’t be Republican Nominee.


2. HuffingtonPost says Trump only has 1.6% chance to win election.


1. The Russia Collusion Fairytale.


And here you have the origins of the fairytale in July of 2016 as CNN comes out and says that Russia is trying to influence the election by exposing the corruption of Hillary Clinton during the devastating DNCleaks that arguably cost the Democrats the election.

So there you have it. I need to lie down now after all of that exposure to Liberal media. I will check in with a doctor to make sure I don’t have any brain issues or disorders now because of this. Thanks for reading!



2 Comments on “55 times the media was wrong about Donald Trump.”

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The final phony baloney is: The left is the colluder with Russia and the fairy tale just goes on and on. All of the fake news media are on two payrolls – Soros’ and their news employer. How much longer is the U.S. going to put up with the fake news and the lefties who are taking us to the cleaners with Mueller and his pranksters? How much proof do you need?

    Trickie |Dick broke into an DNC office and was removed from office. The whole Obama administration was part of the scam on the U.S. and they are still sitting in their puddle of poop and it looks like no one wants to touch the poop because it smells so bad.

    Time to call in the “pooper scoopers.”



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