Border Patrol help rescue 3 illegal aliens being held against their will.

“This rescue illustrates how well the Border Patrol works with our local law enforcement partners to disrupt and degrade criminal organizations that constantly put people’s lives in danger.

We will continue to work diligently to protect America and prevent people from being subjected to dangerous, deplorable situations,”

-Laredo Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens.

LAREDO, Texas – Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents assisted the Laredo Police Department in rescuing three illegal aliens being held against their will in a local hotel.

The Laredo Police Department requested assistance from Border Patrol agents regarding a 911 call from a local hotel where occupants were being held against their will.

While the smugglers were not present, the illegal aliens alerted the front desk of their situation and the Laredo Police Department responded.

The illegal aliens advised the agents that they were not allowed to exit the room and that their families were continuously contacted to pay for their release.

The subjects were determined to be from Mexico…

The Liberal media take on this would be:

“That damn racist Drumpf and his Border Patrol agents are saving those undocumented immigrants from people enslaving them only because they want to enslave them and torture them in an ICE detention center! Forcing them to landscape Trump’s golf courses, It’s true according to anonymous sources.” -Crazed Liberal Conspiracist

This story highlights the massive slavery and kidnapping epidemic of illegal aliens(and some US citizens) that is happening all across the country, and within Mexico itself as well. Mexico is a country that has over 270,000 people in modern-day slavery. This kind of stuff is commonplace over there.

Yes, we are being invaded by a horde of illegal aliens, but make no mistake, there are many within our Borders who are U.S. citizens that are importing these illegals to exploit them for financial gain. These people are traitors that should have their citizenship stripped in my opinion.

The Mexican Drug Cartels are kidnapping, exploiting, raping, and even killing hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to pass through Mexico for a chance to try to illegally enter the United States or claim amnesty. It is sad to say, but these immigrants almost become used to this type of behavior.

My guess is the family of these three captive illegals was trying to silently pay off the smugglers that were holding their relatives hostage. They don’t call the cops…they don’t alert authorities about this incredibly dangerous behavior. These men were lucky they were able to be rescued.

We cannot allow this criminal behavior to continue to pour across the border as it has been for decades…thank God that President Trump was elected.


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