Ghana man stripped of US citizenship for sexually abusing stepchild



Prempeh Ernest Agyemang


“This order sends a clear message to individuals who commit any type of sexual offense, particularly those involving children, during the naturalization process – we will investigate you and seek you out to ensure that justice is done,” said Acting ICE Director Ronald D. Vitiello.

Prempeh Ernest Agyemang, a native of Ghana, was admitted to the United States in 1989. Agyemang then married a United States citizen who had a young child. When the child was in fourth grade, Agyemang began sexually abusing her starting in late 1999 or early 2000 according to the Department of Justice.

Notably, after the sexual abuse began, while under oath during his naturalization interview, Agyemang stated that he had never committed a crime or offense for which he was not arrested. Relying on this answer, USCIS granted his naturalization application and Agyemang became a U.S. citizen later that year…

On November 5, 2003, Mr. Agyemang pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his minor stepchild on April 1, 2000. Specifically, Mr. Agyemang pleaded guilty to Sexual Activity by a Substitute Parent or Custodian.

“Under our laws, United States citizenship is conferred on those who demonstrate honesty and integrity, who respect our laws, and who can demonstrate the moral character necessary to be a positive and cultivating member of American society.

The defendant fell short of that mark in every regard and we are satisfied that this Court saw fit to revoke his naturalized citizenship.

As part of the Justice Department’s mission to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, we will seek denaturalizations in cases where individuals are dishonest and where criminal activity demonstrated the lack of moral character necessary for American citizenship.”

United States Attorney Robert, J. Higdon, Jr.


So now the Department of Justice has ordered that he be deported and stripped of his ill-gotten citizenship. Which is a really great thing, but why did it take so long? Because we have had corrupt, ineffective leadership for the last 30 years that has dropped the ball and sold us out.

They were supposed to be protecting the country from people like this guy. Indeed the reason Bush formed ICE should have been to go after people like this scumbag pedophile…I wouldn’t expect Obama to deport him, in fact I am surprised Obama didn’t invite him over to the White House at one point…but Bush also never made a real effort to investigate and deport criminal aliens.

It wasn’t until Donald J Trump was elected president that justice was actually brought down on this pervert scumbag pedophile and now the poor girl he abused can finally rest at night knowing that her abuser is out of the country for good.

And if he tries to return there is a good chance he will be caught, as I wrote yesterday, ICE arrests are up 200%. So Pedophiles, Traffickers, Drug Smugglers, illegal aliens beware, there is a new sheriff in town named Trump and his deputy Jeff Sessions and they are taking our country back!

They are taking names and checking immigration status! With damn good results too. Thank you ICE, Trump, Jeff Sessions, Border Patrol and all law enforcement that assist in these operations to investigate these criminals.

Shame on anyone calling for the abolition on ICE!!! ICE is deporting child abusers and pedophiles and we need to continue supporting that effort and don’t let the Democrats attack them and slander them! They are heroes!


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