Swarm of bees attack illegal alien family…

ROMA, Texas – According to United States Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol agents rescued a family unit from a swarm of bees. They were attacked immediately after being illegally smuggled into the United States.

Get that, even Patriotic American Bees are doing their part to secure our country and alert Border Patrol to the presence of these intruders!! Can we give these bees a political party and just get rid of the Democrats? They can start a Bumble-Bee Lives Matter movement!


OK, look, all jokes aside, a 13-year old girl, a 10-year old boy, their mother, and a Border Patrol Agent received numerous stings during this incident and the subsequent rescue, they were taken to a local hospital and they are currently undergoing evaluation.

Yes, during the rescue efforts, an agent assigned to the RGV Mobile Response Team also sustained multiple bee stings. A Border Patrol Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) provided immediate medical attention and requested Emergency Medical Services.

I am praying that everyone involved gets well soon, especially the Border Patrol Agent.

We can no longer afford to be the foolish country that allows people to illegally enter the country, and not only do we have to pay for them to ‘bee’ deported, but then when they get hurt, we have to rescue them, pay for their healthcare and make sure they are OK…

And yet again you have the incredibly heroic Border Patrol saving some illegals, yet America is still called a racist nation.  We are called the evil empire. We are continually bashed in foreign countries. We get called fascists for simply wanting border security!

A wall would protect the lives of everyone by preventing illegals from getting into these dangerous situations and by protecting Agents by not having them constantly perform these daring rescues.

It’s also incredibly difficult for me to always feel bad for what happens to these illegal aliens as recently they have attacked our Border Patrol agents even during rescue operations when they are saving someone the illegals left behind.

It’s a sad day in America when bees are doing more for Border Security than Democrats…



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